‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8: ‘Oh Man, It’s Good,’ Says Chandler Riggs

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The Walking Dead
Negan and Carl might be cut from the same cloth. AMC

They say it every year, and yet, we still believe them. The Walking Dead cast are hyping up the Season 8 premiere script already.

This time it’s Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl on the show, who’s pumped for fans to watch The Walking Dead Season 8 premiere. He shared the news below with his followers:

The Walking Dead cast consistently talk up the show’s premiere every year. Last year’s premiere was as brutal and sad as everyone said it would be. We saw Negan bash the skulls of two fan favorite characters and a few more people lost their lives.

At least we saw Carol kind of get her groove back. She spent some time away from the group thinking it would give her peace of mind. However, seeing Daryl reminded Carol that there are still people out there worth fighting for. Morgan had a similar moment after Ben’s death. Morgan thought of Ben as a son, which made losing him so much harder than he expected.

Morgan wanted to show Ben you can have peace in this walker-filled world. But the Saviors took Ben away from him. He’s back to the Morgan we saw who needed to “clear” the walkers. We wouldn’t be surprised if Morgan ends up being the one who wants to kill Negan and Rick asking him to spare his life.

Whatever the case, we hope that the communities are able to thrive without Negan. We know there will be a lot of casualties in the All Out War storyline, but at least Rick’s world has gotten bigger in the process. It’ll be cool to see people thrive in this new world instead of always being in survival mode.

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