‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: Maggie Calls A Truce With Gregory In New Clip

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The Walking Dead
Maggie has become a leader in The Hilltop community. AMC

Gregory and Maggie try to play nice in the latest The Walking Dead Season 7 clip. The teaser shows Maggie gardening just outside of the Hilltop. Gregory makes a snarky comment to Maggie and she shrugs it off.

Gregory then backtracks and asks Maggie why she’s still living in his community, since the doctor is gone. Maggie reminds Gregory he promised the community he’d get their doctor back. Gregory asks Maggie if there’s a way they could work together, but she’s skeptical about whether he’s serious. Maggie offers an olive branch in hope of calming the tension. Check out the The Walking Dead Season 7 clip below to see the interaction between Maggie and Gregory.

We don’t trust Gregory at all. We’re pretty sure he’s plotting a way to kill Maggie when he has the chance. Gregory can see he’s losing power and it won’t be long until the community turns against him. Gregory isn’t a great leader; he refuses to fight and lets the Saviors take whatever they want from the Hilltop. He’s weak and uninspiring, which is why people have looking to Maggie for help.

Of course, Maggie doesn’t have any intention of dethroning Gregory. It’s not something she’s actively trying to do, but the role of leader comes naturally to her. Maggie even inspired Jesus, who admitted to her that he never felt connected to the Hilltop until she came along. Gregory can see the effect Maggie has on his people, which is making him desperate. Still, Maggie can handle herself. She won’t let anything happen to her baby or anyone else she cares about. She’ll kill Gregory in front of everyone to see if it means no one would mess with her again. Do you think Gregory will try to hurt Maggie or is it too risky of a move? Let us know in the comments below. The Walking Dead Season 7 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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