‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: Did Jesus Set [SPOILER] Free In Episode 7?

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'The Walking Dead' Jesus
'The Walking Dead' season 6 introduced us to Jesus, but his character was criminally underused. That's likely to change in season 7. Gene Page/AMC

Jesus disappeared in The Walking Dead Season 7 episode 7, and we have a theory about where the guy took off to.

Like Carl, Jesus was trying to get into Negan’s Sanctuary. Unlike Carl, Jesus decided it would be best not stay on the truck they were traveling in. Jesus thus avoided being captured about The Saviors. Remember, the Saviors don’t know the Hilltop asked Alexandria to take out Negan for them. If they found Jesus, both Rick and Gregory would’ve been screwed.

Anyway, once Jesus hopped off the truck, he wasn’t seen again in The Walking Dead Season 7 episode 7. The question is, where did Jesus go? It’s likely Jesus took his time scouting out the compound. He probably watched Negan confront Carl. If he did, then Jesus likely also saw Daryl by the fences. This leads us to believe the note that was slipped under Daryl’s closet cell wasn’t from Dwight like people assumed, but rather Jesus himself.

Jesus is a skilled fighter. He’s great at quietly getting in and out of locations without people catching on. Remember, this is the guy that snuck up on a naked Rick and Michonne and lived to tell the tale. It’s possible Jesus saw where they were taking Daryl and took out the guards to help him escape.

It would also make sense if Dwight was the one who slipped Daryl the note. This could lead to a partnership with Alexandria to help take down Negan. Still, our money’s on Jesus being Daryl’s savior this time around.

War is definitely on the horizon. There are several communities that want to see Negan’s reign of terror end. Separately, they don’t stand a chance of taking down the Saviors, but Alexandria, Hilltop, The Kingdom and Oceanside together can possibly bring down Negan.

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