Surface Pro 5: Surface Pro 4 Tablet Successor Reveal Not At May Microsoft Event

Surface Pro 4 design
This popular Surface Pro 4 product image looks almost identical to the supposed Surface Pro 5 leak above. Microsoft/Walmart

Surface Pro 5 discussions have picked up huge momentum over the past few weeks, but it appears the Surface Pro 4 successor’s reveal isn’t exactly imminent. Sources close to The Verge claim the highly anticipated tablet is skipping Microsoft’s announced May showcase.

The article doesn’t go into detail as to why the device will not get centerstage treatment just yet, but we can make a few assumptions. Based on statements made by Microsoft expert Paul Thurrott and others, the Surface Pro 5 may not offer enough of a leap in technology to truly warrant a high-profile reveal. Rumors suggest it’s essentially identical to the Surface Pro 4 with the addition of a Kaby Lake processor. That’s a more efficient CPU, but it won’t lead to many night-and-day improvements.

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Also reportedly skipping the event are new models of the Surface Book and Surface Phone as well. Maybe they’ll be featured during Microsoft’s Build press conference one week later. That seems doubtful to us, but it’s not entirely impossible.

In terms of what The Verge expects to see, however, there’s been lots of talk about the so-called Windows 10 Cloud OS designed to take on Google’s popular Chromebook. The proceedings were described as a hardware and software event, and a cloud-based laptop fits squarely into both categories. There’s also talk of a Surface 3 successor as well. In simple terms, it’d be a budget build of the Surface Pro 4.

Cloud notebooks and a Surface 4 are products that would largely be marketed to students and schools. By hosting an event in May, Microsoft seems to be doing its best to capture the coveted “dads and grads” demographic that’s crucial to late spring momentum.

Microsoft’s event takes place May 2 at 9:30 a.m. EDT.

We’ve talked a lot about the key features a Surface Pro 5 must have, but it appears the 2017 tablet won’t adopt most of them. Is that a bad thing? Are you willing to buy one just for Kaby Lake? Tell us in the comments section!

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