Surface Pro 4 i5 Tablets Get $200 Price Drop In Wake Of Surface Pro 5 Speculation

Surface Pro 4 vs. iPad Pro: Microsoft's New Tablet-Laptop Stays Ahead Of Apple
Surface Pro 4 vs. iPad Pro: Microsoft's New Tablet-Laptop Stays Ahead Of Apple Microsoft

Surface Pro 4 prices have never been lower as Microsoft’s i5 tablet model is now just $799 from the manufacturer’s official store. After revealing a low-tier SKU without the bundled Surface Pen last week, this particular cut is both substantially more aggressive and, yet, a little strange.

What’s so odd about it is how the tablet’s prices are currently stacked. You can purchase the slower m3 version and its formidable i5 variant for the exact same price of $799. While the promotion is only expected to last until Feb. 4, it still feels weird without a paired discount for its less powerful brother. However, as those who follow Surface Pro 4 deals know, Microsoft has a habit of deliberately choosing certain models for promotions.

Speaking of which, this recent i5 discount arrives immediately after one for the exact same model just concluded. Throughout January, the i5 had been on sale for $899.

For those willing to delve deeper into the realm of speculation, fans in the Microsoft community might say this price cut is yet another sign the debut of the Surface Pro 5 is near. Last week’s arrival of the no-pen option came with massive savings on Surfaces around the globe, and this U.S. offer shows signs of escalation too. With the i5 now $200 cheaper this month and $100 off last month, one might say there’s signs of urgency. That urgency might involve selling through the remaining Surface Pro 4 stock to make room for something new.

Throughout most of last year and into 2017, it’s been widely speculated that Microsoft plans to unveil the Surface Pro 5 in the early calendar months. The Windows 10 Creators update was specifically delayed till spring so it could support “new Surface devices.” OS upgrades in particular have historically gone hand in hand with Surface Pro launches.

There haven’t been many concrete rumors or leaks about the Surface Pro 5 to date, but aggressive pricing continues to suggest something special may be in the works at Redmond.Do you see this increase in Surface Pro 4 sales as a hint that the Surface Pro 5 is on the way? Will we see a new tablet this spring? Tell us in the comments section!

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