'Super Mario Run' Coming To Android On March 23

Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run to my heart Nintendo

Super Mario Run is coming to Android on March 23, Nintendo announced this week. If you’ve been dying to click your screen to make a fat plumber in overalls avoid obstacles but haven’t had an iPhone or a Nintendo system since the 80s, this is your chance. IPhone and iPad versions of the game were released in December, so it’s about time Nintendo released their game for everyone else who isn’t an Apple fanboy.

If you do have the iOS version of Super Mario Run , a new version 2.0.0 update will introduce new playable characters. What’s more, players that have only downloaded the free version of the game can complete one of Bowser’s levels in order to unlock World 1-4, which was previously never available to free players. The full version of the game, which costs $9.99, comes with 24 levels in it’s World Tour mode and an endless runner Toad Rally mode for multiplayer addicts.

For those of us with Android devices and no access to an Apple product, this is great news. I’ve already given up my free time outside to the Pokemon Go gods, why not play another Nintendo game on my phone when I can’t move? I’m not sure Super Mario Run will become my game of choice, but if Hearthstone , Robot Unicorn Attack, Burrito Bison and Minesweeper all stop working, I’ll have something else to try.

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