'Steven Universe' Season 3 Spoilers: 'Orange Is The New Black' Star Uzo Aduba Voices New Gem Bismuth, Plus Musical Episode Trailer [VIDEO]

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New Homeworld Gem Bismuth, who fought with the Crystal Gems over 5000 years ago. (c) Cartoon Network

Steven Universe Season 3 is returning this summer with a vengeance. When Steven Universe season 3 ends its hiatus this July 18, it will do so with a new episode every single weeknight for 4 weeks. That’s 20 full episodes of Steven Universe Season 3 as confirmed by Entertainment Weekly, between July 18 and Aug. 12, and that’s awesome.

We now have more detailed information on what’s coming up for our favorite kiddo and his Crystal Gem family as well. First, we have a spoiler teaser clip from Mr. Greg, airing July 19. This appears to be an all-musical episode starring Pearl in a suit, Pearl’s hang-ups and plenty of Greg and Steven shenanigans:

Towards the end of Cartoon Network’s Summer of Steven / Steven’s Summer Adventures special event, we’ll also be privileged to meet a new Homeworld Gem: Bismuth, voiced by none other than Orange Is The New Black and The Wiz Live’s magical Uzo Aduba. Check out the clip, titled “Everything’s Changing,” below:

Bismuth, an old comrade in the war to save Earth, has lain dormant for over 5000 years. It’s Pearl who begins to fill her in on everything that’s happened in this tearjerker clip.

In an interview with EW, series creator Rebecca Sugar stated:

“I think moving forward in the show, a lot of things are starting to happen in real time and they kind of can’t avoid talking about why and the history of what Gems have been doing on earth and why they need to keep them away from it. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but there will be a lot more about Gem history and Gems in the present and how they feel about what’s going on, on earth.”

Looking forward to the Steven Universe Season 3 episode frenzy? You can catch up on past Steven Universe episodes with our recaps here. We’ll see you July 18 for more Steven Universe goodness.

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