Spring App For iOS, Android Makes You Look Taller And Skinnier For Your OOTD Shots

Spring App For iOS, Android
Spring, a free app for iOS and Android, lets you stretch yourself out so you appear taller and skinnier is your full body shots. Here’s how to use the new Spring app: iTunes/Spring

If you are looking to appear taller and skinner in your photos then Spring, a free app for iOS and Android, could be for you. The Spring app lets you stretch yourself out so you look longer and leaner in your full body shots. While the somewhat controversial photo editing app isn't everybody's cup of tea, the extremely simple to use app gives anyone the ability to get Photoshop results on their smartphone.

To use the new Spring app, upload a photo from your gallery or take one within the app. There are two modes for stretching your photo: '2 lines' allow you to stretch the area between two points of your choosing while '3 lines' stretch your body proportionally. In the '3 lines' mode, you're supposed to position the lines to your shoulder, hips and ankles but if you don't have your entire body in the photo, we found that having the bottom line at your knees works as well.

After you've positioned the lines, click the Spring icon and you'll be able to select what percentage you would like your photo to be stretched. Depending on what is in the background of your shot or what you're wearing, 100 percent might be too stretched out looking but you'll probably notice a longer and slimmer effect with just 25 percent or less. If for some reason you'd like to look shorter and stouter, you can also drag the stretch down to -20 percent.

Some might criticize the Spring app for furthering an unrealistic ideal body image, but if celebrity photos are routinely photoshopped why can't the masses also tinker with their selfies? The Spring app joins a slew of photo editing apps like Skinneepix, Beauty Mirror, Facetune and Perfect365 that make it easier for users to edit their photos for aesthetic purposes. But while these beautifying apps are generally to smooth out imperfections on your face or add make up, Spring is unique for its sole focus of making you taller and thinner in full body shots.

Spring app is an incredibly simple app that works because the change is subtle and the app stretches the entire photo so it doesn't warp the background too much. The Spring app has also drawn rave reviews from users as it currently has a full five star rating in the App Store and close to 4,500 users have rated it an average 4.5 stars out of 5 in the Google Play Store. The Spring app only makes you look taller and more slender in photos, but there are endless fitness apps to whip you into shape and even a Grow Taller app that claims to help your increase your height.

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