Solo Everyday Max Backpack Is So Comfortable You’ll Forget You’re Carrying Expensive Tech

solo everyday max backpack
The Solo Everyday Max backpack is comfortable and houses your tech very well. Solo

Cell phones, chargers and laptops are stuffed into purses, backpacks and messenger bags everyday as we travel to school, work or vacation. And finding the right method for carrying your precious tech can be a case of trial and error with potentially catastrophic results.

I was one of those people looking for another means to carry my tech to events and conventions. So when I was approached by Solo about their new backpacks designed with technology and comfort in mind, I was intrigued. I was getting ready to travel cross country for media events and vacation and I needed something to take all of my equipment and this seemed like the right fit.

After almost a month commuting to work on trains and on flights, I can honestly say the Solo Everyday Max backpack is the most practical and comfortable bag I’ve ever used.

Before Solo, I took a messenger bag to work with me everyday. While it looked stylish and professional it didn’t give the support needed for an hour-plus train ride where I stood the entire time, huddled next to commuters all looking to get to work on time.

And while my messenger bag neatly kept my phone, chargers and handheld gaming devices, I wouldn’t consider taking my laptop with me because of the lack of space and a fear that it could get damaged.

But the practicality and comfortability of the Solo Everyday Max bag wasn’t the only thing that sold me; it also looks good. The black and grey colors mesh well together and the yellow straps really help it stand out from ordinary backpacks.

solo everyday max bag on the streets
I really enjoyed the colors and design of the Solo Everyday Max bag Photo: Solo

I’ve used other laptop backpacks for conventions and as a carry-on for flights in the past but usually the weight would eventually bother my shoulders and upper back. But the Solo Everyday Max backpack really gives the support and added cushion I’ve been looking for.

What I found interesting while using this backpack is that it doesn’t sag like other backpacks. Usually after continued use and excess weight, bags and backpacks tend to sag and lose the support/shape, but the Everyday Max bag keeps everything inside lifted so it’s not a strain on your shoulders.

This does have a bit of a downside. While the bag doesn’t sag or lose its shape, it remains a bit bulky and forces you to remove it on a packed train or crowded space.

As for how much the backpack can hold, there is a ton of space inside and quite a few compartments and pockets to hold everything together. There’s a laptop pocket that lets you slip your device in and out with no problem. I’ve used bags in the past that had laptop pockets too, but they were normally a bit too big to accommodate larger laptops. This would lead to the laptop jumbling around if you ran to catch a bus or get out of the rain.

solo everyday max bag laptop
My Chromebook is nice and snug. Photo: iDigitalTimes

However, the Solo bag is deep enough and the cushioning holds the laptop snug so this doesn’t happen.

I easily bring my Nintendo Switch (dock, wires, everything) inside its original packaging with my 3DS, chargers and still have space for notepads and supplies in the main pouch.

solo everyday max bag space
The Solo Everyday Max bag can hold all of this (with room to spare) with no problem Photo: iDigitalTimes

There are A LOT of zippers and pouches in the Solo bag, which can get confusing at first but this helps with the Solo Everyday bag’s other function as a tote bag. For those travelling out of town for a night or if you’re looking to head to the gym, this bag can act as a tote and carry clothes and even shoes as their is a separate compartment that can shoes/sneakers in place. If you don’t think there’s enough room to bother converting the backpack into a tote, then you’ll be surprised to know that on the bottom of the bag there is an extension pouch that will allow for even more room.

solo everyday max bag tote
The backpack can convert into a tote bag with ease. Photo: Solo

Priced at $79.99, the Solo Everyday Max bag is comparable to other laptop/tech backpacks online but the comfort and versatility of the Solo bag is unlike any I’ve tried before.

I definitely recommend the Solo Everyday Max bag to anyone who can’t leave home without their laptop or tech and for professionals who need something that’s lightweight, durable and looks good for their next convention or event.

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