The Sims Mods: Best Sex, Romance CC For Valentines Day

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It’s Valentine's Day. To some of you, that’s a happy day. For others, not so much. If you’re a single Sims player, let’s be honest, you’re probably in Create-A-Sim right now designing your crush.Even though The Sims 4 ’s romantic interactions are the best in the franchise’s history, it doesn’t quite simulate the real world. Maybe that would have changed if Wedding Stuff won the fan-made stuff pack vote, but we got laundry instead. So for now, players must rely on mods to turn the romance up a notch in the game. So to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’re compiling a list of all the custom content that brings sexy back to The Sims.

If you are unfamiliar with mods in the Sims 4, the process is quite easy but may take some practice to use swiftly in the future. You’ll need to access the Mods folder, then copy the downloaded mod files into that folder. First find the Documents folder, then Electronic Arts folder, then Sims 4 folder. If there is no Mods folder inside Sims 4 , create one yourself. If you plan on using a lot of Mods, it’s worth organizing them by folders (inside the Mods folder) now.

Next, turn Mods on in the game itself. The switch is located in Options>Other>Enable Custom Content and Mods. May as well enable Script Mods too. Remember Script Mods (.pyo) require the entire zip folder, not unzipped.

Rustic Romance Mod

Shouts to The Plumbob Tea. Released just hours ago, the stuff pack has over 70 items and will add some rustic charm to your Sims’ wedding day. Show some love to the creators on Tumblr.

Slow Dance Mod

Dancing in The Sims can get pretty repetitive, and none of it is very sexy (hopefully that will change with Jungle Adventure ). That’s why you need to pick up this Slow Dance mod from Sacrificial.

Better Lips Mod

Look… this may not seem important, but the lip options in Sims 4 could look more realistic. Nobody has the same lips… so add more realistic texture and colored lips to Create-A-Sim thanks to Lana CC.

Mermaid Mod

This may not be your traditional romantic mod, but who hasn’t dreamt of being a mermaid? Valentine's Day is your perfect opportunity and who knows, maybe you’ll find the hottest merman of the sea? Thanks Gaybie. If you don’t want to go full-on mermaid, there are some beautiful inspired dresses here.

Nibble Mod

What is more intimate and sexy than neck kisses? Nothing. That’s why Shimrod101 made the perfect alternative to the insane sex mods.

Valentine’s Decorations

If you want to create the perfect Valentine's Day vibe, download SimCredibles’ package, which includes rose petals, heart-shaped objects and red bedding. There’s some more decorations from BrittPinkieSims too.

Body Hair Mod

Luumia has done the Sims team a favor by creating body hair for your lovely Sims. If you and your beau just wanna chill around the house and eat pancakes all day naked, you are going to need this. If you want to add some more defined nipples, check out Lovers Lab . And if you need a nude mod as well, XSims has you covered.

Sex Mods

I think every Sims player knows about WickedWhims , whether you have any interest in playing with Sex mods or not. Whatever type of pleasure you’re into, I assure you it is included in this package. This mod from OoLaLa World also adds some additional animations.

Strip Club Mod

If you aren’t spoken for, what better place to go on Valentine’s than a strip club? Velvet Kiss has you covered. Fair warning, this strip club doesn’t abide by state laws.

Weed Mod

If your Sim is feeling lonely and depressed, there’s no better way to numb the pain than lighting a fat joint. This LoversLab mod does extend far beyond cannabis and we do not condone the other options IRL. If you want a purely drunk mod, over 150,000 players have downloaded this one from Candyd on Mod The Sims.

Twerk Mod

Maybe you just want a little bit more PG-rated fun? In that case, this Twerk mod from the Umpa blog is where it’s at. Maybe try out the pole dancing mod too while you’re there.

If you need a reminder about how to get pregnant, increase the romantic relationship between two Sims, induce labor, or have twins, check out our guide for that here.


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