‘Sims 4’ Eco Living Stuff Vote Has More Than 100 New Things To Choose From

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Still no word on the restaurant game pack expected by mid-June latest. EA/ The Sims 4

It’s up to players to choose 28 objects and 14 clothing items to be included in the Eco Living Stuff Pack set to release for The Sims 4 in 2018. There’s 64 clothing and 68 objects available to choose from, which means players will have to narrow it down to 42 assets out of a whopping 132 options. It's clear the concept artists were hard at work and this will not be an easy decision.

While the exact vision for Eco Living is still unclear, the Sims team did specify in the blog post for the survey that they are thinking of mudrooms and sunrooms, focusing on objects they could picture fitting into that setting. For clothing, the team was influenced by the minimalist, boho style. The more country home style was the result of the last Eco Living art style vote, where players chose Style B instead of a more modern feeling Style A. SimGuruKimmi’s forum page called for references for the concept artists and also helped the team narrow down the style. The forum has more than 18 pages worth of suggestions.

Style B. Photo: EA

When choosing objects and clothing, be sure to keep in mind that the Sims team is going to filter out top results in categories. For example, if every single chair ends up in the top 10, only the most popular of that 10 will be chosen. That makes sense. Obviously a third of the objects included in the pack should not be chairs. So in order to make the it a little easier on The Sims team and get the features you want, be sure to only choose one or two of each type of object.

Eco living clothing sims 4
Choose 14 clothing items. Photo: EA
Choose 28 objects. Photo: EA

Some of the standout objects are simple hanging light bulbs, hallway storage, ottomans and bucket windows. There’s a huge, deep farm sink, and shelves with plants scattered on them. The wicker seating is also perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The round dining room table is a must. As for the clothes, none of the sandals really stand out. The kids sweatshirt, plain tops, and pants are a great addition for both girls and boys. I’m personally not a fan of the women's flowery tops, but they certainly fit the Bohemian style. The open, short-sleeve button down and henley shirts are a great addition to the menswear. A lot of the mens’ pants will also look great on women, the pair with rips at the knees and the moto jeans are a must. The above-the-knee shorts are also a great addition to CAS. Check out which options I chose below and let me know which objects and clothing items you liked most in the comments! Vote for your favorite assets here.

Here's the objects I chose. Photo: EA
Here's the clothes I chose. Photo: EA


Here's the official voting schedule:

- Objects & Clothing Vote (May 18 – 21) : Browse through the concept art we’ve drawn for the pack, and select your top choices to help us determine which objects and pieces of clothing are included.

- Feature Vote (June 23– 26) : Select the top gameplay feature(s) you want to have included in the pack.

- Pack Icon Vote (Fall) : Pursue different icons and select the one that will appear in the pack's box art and within the in-game catalog.

- Pack Title Vote (Fall) : Select a title that best summarizes the pack's atmosphere and content.

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