‘Seasons Of Heaven’ Teaser Trailer Shows First Nintendo Switch Exclusive Game

seasons of heaven nintendo switch gameplay
The first footage of the Nintendo Switch-exclusive 'Seasons of Heaven' has been released. AnyArts

After its reveal, the first trailer for the Nintendo Switch exclusive game Seasons of Heaven has been released.

In the first Seasons of Heaven trailer, we get to see some of the many settings players will traverse and our main character, a young boy named Yann.

Check out the Seasons of Heaven trailer below.

Not much is known about the Nintendo Switch exclusive game, other than that it’s based on the novel of the same name. To get a sense of what the book is like and what the game will likely take from, here’s an excerpt from the book’s summary:

“One of America’s great authors, Louis L’Amour once said, ‘There will come a time when you believe that everything is finished. Yet, that will be the beginning.’ In Seasons of Heaven that is exactly what a small group of people who find themselves survivors of the greatest purge every known will ultimately come to realize. In their struggles to survive on a stripped and barren earth, they will learn that humans across the world literally died as a result of their own careless actions.”

seasons of heaven art
Art from 'Seasons of Heaven' Photo: AnyArt

AnyArts Production will bring the story of Yann and his pet bulldog to the Nintendo Switch in 2017 and promises players will be able to alternate between the two characters with separate gameplay sequences.

Not much else is known about Seasons of Heaven but AnyArts will reveal the first full trailer on Dec. 19 and more information on the first Nintendo Switch exclusive will follow.

The Nintendo Switch is set to release in March 2017.

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