Royal Rumble 2017: More Confirmed Superstars Means 17 Spots Still Unknown

13 of the 30 Superstars in the Royal Rumble 2017 have already been confirmed WWE

The Royal Rumble is now a week closer than when I made my last article on the PPV, and now we know more of the confirmed Superstars for the big 30-man match. That being said, we also know some matches that definitely will NOT be happening now, so let’s see where we stand compared to last week.

Confirmed Superstars

The wrestlers listed here have already announced they will be entering the Royal Rumble:

Confirmed For Other Matches

The Royal Rumble event isn’t just the Rumble match. We already know a few other showdowns that will be taking place. Because wrestlers are in other matches, it’s much more likely they will not be in the Rumble as well. While not a sure thing, these Superstars are confirmed for matches and probably will not be in the Rumble:

  • Roman Reigns

  • Kevin Owens

  • John Cena

  • AJ Styles

  • Rich Swann

  • Neville

The only new match this week is a Cruiserweights championship match between Rich Swann and Neville. Seeing as how both are in the Cruiserweight division, it wasn’t likely they were going to be in the Rumble to begin with. You never know, though.

Who Else?

This leaves 17 spots in the Rumble still unaccounted for. There are still plenty of main roster Superstars who can enter, such as Sami Zayn, Titus O’Neil, Rusev, Apollo Crews, Kalisto, Mojo Rawley and others. There will also likely be at least one or two call-ups from NXT such as Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura or Tye Dillinger.

We also have no idea about the Cruiserweights. They’ve largely been kept separate from the main roster, so an inclusion in the Royal Rumble wouldn’t doesn’t make that much sense. It would be cool to see some of the new faces in the Rumble though, and the Superstars would likely have some cool elimination spots.

The real mystery seems to be about Kenny Omega. The NJPW star just had one of the highest- rated matches in professional wrestling history at Wrestle Kingdom 11, and rumors are that his contract with the Japanese promotion will be over at the end of the month. Not only that, but John Cena has been trolling people on Instagram with several “Kenny” and “Omega” referencing photos. Could this be Cena subtly hyping up a big debut, or is it just the Superstar messing with hardcore fans? Probably the latter, but you never know.

So what do you think? Who do you hope makes a walk down the ramp during the Royal Rumble this year? Who do you think will win the match? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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