'Prison Break’ Season 5 First Look: Super Bowl Commercial Doesn't Tell Us If Michael Is OK

New footage from 'Prison Break' Season 5 to be revealed at San Diego Comic-Con. Fox

The Prison Break Season 5 Super Bowl commercial doesn’t show much new footage, but the sneak peek does remind fans the Michael we know and love may not be who we see in Season 5.

The teaser starts off with Sara talking to little Mike about what his father is like. She tells him he was like a storm, appearing in the sunlight and then disappearing just as quickly…? Little Mike asks if storms can come back, and Sara responds, “The question is, if they come back, is it the same storm?”

Michael looks very dead. How did he survive? Photo: Fox

Assuming you’re caught up with Prison Break, you know there's got to be more to the story than Michael surviving electrocucion. Even if he didn’t die after sacrificing himself for Sara, he still had an active brain tumor. How could he have survived both? When the series resumes, Michael could be suffering from memory loss, trauma or some other side effects of his illness. It’s been nearly a decade that he’s been missing and presumed dead. Considering we know he’s been mixed up with ISIL, it’s likely time has changed him.  However, there are a few theories about how Michael could have survived.

Potential spoilers beyond this point.

Why did Michael join ISIL? Photo: Fox

Deadline's Nellie Andreeva reported back in March that she heard from creator Paul Scheuring that Michael faked his death. “Fernando, C-Note, Lincoln, and Sara go on a mission to rescue Michael from Yemen where he is imprisoned after faking his death,” Andreeva says.

prison break season 5
The oragami swan is coming back for Season 5 too. Photo: Fox

The last Prison Break trailer also revealed a lot of new spoilers, including what prison Michael is in: Ogygia Prison in Yemen. The facility is quite far from the nearest airport, Sana’a International. This might make it difficult to break out of a country in civil war, and explains why the writers have said getting out of prison is just the beginning.

Michael's name in Yemen is Kaniel Outis. Photo: Fox

Michael is also in much deeper with ISIL than Dominic Purcell previously let on. A wanted poster has Wentworth Miller’s mugshot, but says his name is Kaniel Outis instead of Michael. Underneath is the warning: “Wanted in the killing of senior CIA official. Numerous bombings. Known terrorist. Known ties to ISIL.”

Sucre looks at a map of Yemen with Linc. Photo: Fox

A closer look at the footage also confirms Michael has new tattoos. Each of Michael’s hands have what appears to bethe eye of Horus. His new tattoos could have something to do with his initiation into ISIL and “less of a blueprint” like previous seasons as Miller said last month.

Wentworth Miller said his new tattoos took 40 minutes before each day of filming. Photo: Fox

Are you looking forward to Michael and Sara’s reunion? Let us know in the comments below. Prison Break returns April 4.

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