‘Pokken Tournament’ New Characters Leaked: Garchomp, Braixen And Mewtwo Join Fight

pokken tournament box art
The box art for Pokken Tournament Bandai Namco

It’s been promised to fans that a new Pokken Tournament character would be announced on Friday, Jan. 15 and while the guesses are all pouring in, it seems the masterminds behind the Tekken, Pokémon mashup are bolstering the roster ahead of said reveal.

In the pages of January’s CoroCoro magazine, the one that gives some minor details on Volcanion’s role in the 2016 movie, there are three new Pokémon joining Pokken Tournament and they are Garchomp, Braixen and Mewtwo.

Here’s the scan showing the brand new Pokémon combatants in Pokken Tournament.

corocoro2163th pokken
Garchomp, Braixen and Mewtwo joining 'Pokken Tournament' Photo: CoroCoro/Serebii

And before anyone asks, these three Pokémon don’t have the symbol "ラ" in their Japanese names so there is still another Pokémon to be revealed on Jan. 15. This was the clue given on the official Pokken Tournament website but it’s likely Swampert to complete the Hoenn starter trinity (sigh).

But going back to the new Pokémon in Pokken Tournament that we know for sure, let’s tackle one ‘mon at a time. The first is Garchomp, the pseudo-legendary Pokémon from Gen 4 who will be joining Pokken Tournament to bring the hurt to other ‘mon. As you can expect, Garchomp will be going Mega for his burst and using Sand Tomb and Dragon Rush as some of his attacks.

Braixen, the middle and most popular evolution of the Fennekin line (sorry, Delphox) will be using ranged attacks like Fire Blast to battle. Braixen will join Pikachu and Pikachu Libre as the only non-fully evolved Pokémon in Pokken Tournament.

And then finally, we have Mewtwo. It was revealed that Shadow Mewtwo will already be in the game as a possible boss. Shadow Mewtwo will be a playable character as well that you can unlock through the game or through the special Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card. But the Mewtwo revealed in the pages of CoroCoro is the standard Mewtwo fans known from Gen 1.

What makes this Mewtwo different from Shadow Mewtwo is not yet known but it’s possible it can Mega Evolve to its Mega Mewtwo Y form instead of the X form that Shadow Mewtwo has access to.

Hopefully, with the CoroCoro leak the Pokémon Company will release a gameplay video of all three new Pokémon and the one to be revealed on Jan. 15.

Pokken Tournament’s release date for the Wii U has yet to be revealed but it is coming in the Spring of 2016.

What do you think of the three new Pokken Tournament characters? Who do you hope is revealed on Jan. 15? Sound off in the comments section.

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