‘Pokémon Sun And Moon’ Zygarde Cell Locations: How They Work And Where To Find Them

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zygarde cell pokemon sun and moon
You can collect Zygarde Cells in 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Nintendo

One of the many things trainers can do in Pokémon Sun and Moon is collect Z-Cells and Cores to create and customize their own Zygarde. Of course, Zygarde is one of the legendary Pokémon of Kalos, but it made its way to the Alola Region and you can collect the Z-Cells and Cores to assemble your own Zygarde.

Zygarde, unlike in Pokémon X and Y , comes in three different forms in Sun and Moon . Zygarde 10% is the form that looks like a dog. Zygarde 50% is the same snake-like Pokémon from X and Y and the giant Pokémon is Zygarde Complete Form.

Here, we will explain how the Z-Cells work and where you can find all 100 Z-Cells and Cores.


You’ll meet Dexio and Lina during your Sun and Moon adventure and they will explain how Z-Cells are scattered all over Alola. They will give you a Zygarde Cube to collect them and then it’ll be up to you to go and find them.

There are two types of Zygardes to collect: Z-Cells which shine green and Z-Cores that shine red. There are 100 Z-Cells in Alola and you can assemble your own Zygarde when you have 10, 50 and 100 Z-Cells.

When you reach those milestones, Lina will contact you through your Rotom Dex so you’ll know exactly when you can perform the assembly.

Head over to Route 16 and go inside the trailer to the right of the PokeCenter. Once there, you can assemble or separate your Zygarde Cells. You can Assemble your Z-Cells to make Zygarde 10% and separate them to create a stronger Zygarde later.

There are two types of assembly, one to take a Zygarde in your party and add cells from the Zygarde Cube. The other is to assemble cells to form a whole new Zygarde.

Z-Cores you find allow you to teach your Zygarde a new move.


Zygarde Cores

Melemele Island - Your room

Melemele Island - Iki Town, Hala's house

Akala Island - Konikoni City, Olivia's room

Ula'Ula Island - Po Town, police department

Poni Island - Ancient Poni Path, Hapu's Room

Melemele Island

Iki Town, entrance to Trial (night)

Trainer's School first floor, next to the A-Meowth (night)

Hau'oli City, night next to the second PokeCenter's door (night)

Kala'e Bay, requires Lapras

Right outside Professor's Lab (day)

Route 1, after the first patch of grass

Route 1, after the rocks blocking the path

Route 3, Outside Melemele Meadow

Route 3, Near Berry Tree

Verdant Cavern

Route 2, near houses

Hau'oli Cemetery (night)

Illima's house (day)

Akala Island

Tide Song Hotel, at the top

Route 4, near Pokemon Breeder

Outside Paniola Ranch

Outside Paniola Ranch (night)

Route 6

Royal Avenue's Parking lot

Royal Avenue, to the right of the PokeCenter (night)

Route 7, near shore

Volcano Trial, left side

Route 5, from Route 8

Route 8, Outside Aether's building

Digglet Tunnel, up the stairs and to the right

Akala Outskirts

Hano Beach, under watch tower

Hano Beach, under parasol

Dimensional Research Lab, right outside (night)

KoniKoni City, near Lighthouse point (night)

Lush Jungle, inside a cave; from Miracle Seed room, use Machamp Ride to move the boulder and enter the cave, it's near the entrance wall up from the first boulder

Ula’ula Island

Malie Garden, top left

To the left of PokeCenter, between two ambulances

Recycling Plant, near truck

Route 10, behind Trainer Tips sign

Route 12, rock past the first rocky path

Route 12, right beside Punk double battle

Secluded Shore

Secluded Shore, near policeman (night)

Route 13, south from the fountain

Tapu Village, just outside PokeCenter

Route 14, far right to the trial entrance

Blush Mountain, near sign

Route 11, to the left of Martial Artist (night)

Route 13, near Mudsdale (night)

Route 14, near Fisherman (night)

Malie Community Center, far right (night)

Route 15, down the first ramp

Aether House, left room

Route 16, to the left of PokeCenter

Ula'ula Meadow, wooden planks, exactly right of the PokeFinder spot

Haina Desert, check the stones near an exit: 2 > 1, next to the plant in the middle

Ruins Of Abundance, from the desert check the stones near an exit: 2 > 1 > Up > 4 > Left > 3 (Ruins)

Ula'ula Meadow, near exit to Lake of the Sunne

Route 17, down the ramps and near a Team Skull Member

Route 17, outer corner of Po City

Po Town, top right corner, by the yellow car

Po Town, top left corner, by the red car (night)

Mount Hokulani, Hokulani Observatory, by the left side of corridor with lots of boxes, next to Magnemite (night)

Aether Paradise

B2F:Lab Area, all the way to the right of corridor, next to Secret Lab B's door

Aether Paradise - Entrance Area, pass the gate, to the right and up the stairs, right in the middle of a square space

Entrance Area, past the bridge, to the left side of the building

Entrance Area, first room inside the building, under the lamp on the right

Entrance Area, go down from the elevator and outside, to the left side near water (night)

Poni Island

Seafolk Village, Wailord Boar, under the leftmost table

Seafolk Village, empty lot to the right of PokeCenter

Poni Wilds, in the beach, between a Max Repel and two boulders

Poni Wilds, ramp to the right of entrance, between two rocks

Poni Wilds, to the right of entrance beside the Trainer Tips sign (night)

Poni Island - Ancient Poni Path, near the well in the corner of Hapu's house (night)

Ancient Poni Path, to the right of Vast Poni Canyon entrance, under the statue

Poni Breaker Coast, near map transition to Ruins of Hope, between a totem statue and three boulders

Poni Breaker Coast, to the right of the first geyser (day)

Ruins of Hope, at the end of the stairs leading down into the entrance door

Ancient Poni Path, outer walls of Hapu's house, you should see a Machamp and the well on your left side of the screen (day)

Vast Poni Canyon, second level of the canyon, in the first room with rocky terrain, near the stone at the entrance

Vast Poni Canyon, going past the wooden bridge and into the cave, among the holes near the left wall

Vast Poni Canyon, going past the wooden bridge and into the cave, move all three boulders and continue south outside the cave, it should be on the left side


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