‘Pokémon Sun And Moon’ Z-Crystal Locations: Where To Find What You Need To Unleash Unstoppable Attacks

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Pikachu will be getting its own Z-Move in 'Sun and Moon' Pokemon Company

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, Z-Moves are the Mega Evolutions of this generation. These new and powerful attacks can completely turn the tide in battle by having one Pokémon unleash a massive attack.

Trainers will need a Z-Ring and a Z-Crystal to unleash these Z-Moves that come with their own battle animations.

This is a guide to what Z-Moves are and what they can do, with the locations of all of the Z-Crystals in order of when you accept them. There are minor story spoilers for Sun and Moon included, so be aware.


- Each typing has their own Z-Move and you can equip the correct Z-Crystal to a Pokémon that has an attack that is of the same type. For example, your Pikachu can use the Normal Z-Crystal if it knows Quick Attack.

- Like Mega Evolutions, only one Z-Move can be used once per battle. You’ll need to determine when to use the Z-Move for maximum impact, because it’s the only time you’ll be able to use it.

- Every attack your Pokemon knows affects the power of your Z-Move. A Z-Move Close Combat does more damage than a Z-Move powered Rock Smash.

Here's a list of every move and how much power it gives a Z-Move. 

- Z-Moves also work with status moves. They will give an extra effect on top of the normal effect of your move for example. Stealth Rock with a Z-Move will increase the Defense of the Pokémon using it.

Here's a list of every change a Z-Move has on a status move. 

- Moves like Protect and Detect do not stop Z-Moves, they just reduce the amount of damage taken.

- Moves like Fly and Dig DO make Z-Moves miss.


Normal Z-Crystal

  • Complete First Trial (Illim)

Fighting Z-Crystal

  • Defeat first Kahuna (Hau)

Water Z-Crystal

  • Defeat Second Trial (Lana)

Fire Z-Crystal

  • Defeat Third Trial (Kiawe)

Grass Z-Crystal

  • Defeat Fourth Trial (Mallow)

Rock Z-Crystal

  • Defeat second Kahuna (Olivia)  

  • Trade with the Hiker in Tapu Village PokeCenter

Electric Z-Crystal

  • Defeat Fifth Trial (Sophocles)

Steel Z-Crystal

  • Defeat Fifth Trial (Molayne gifts it)

Ghost Z-Crystal

  • Defeat Sixth Trial (Acerola)

Bug Z-Crystal

  • Defeat Guzma in his hideout

Dark Z-Crystal

  • Defeat third Kahuna (Nanu)

Poison Z-Crystal

  • Gifted by Plumeria on Poni Island

Ground Z- Crystal

  • Defeat fourth Kahuna (Hapu)

Fairy Z-Move

  • Gifted by Mina at Vast Poni Canyon

Dragon Z-Move

  • Complete Seventh trial

Ice Z-Move

  • Mount Lanakila

Flying Z-Move

- Ten Carat Hill (need Tauros and Machamp) 


Pikanium Z

  • Talk to the girl with the three Pikachu in Konikoni City

  • Pikachu needs to know Volt Tackle

Incineroar Z

  • Gifted by Kukui after defeating Guzma for first time (if Litten is your starter)

  • Gifted by Hau after becoming Champion. 

  • Needs to know Darkest Lariat

Primarina Z

  • Gifted by Kukui after defeating Guzma for first time (if Popplio is your starter)

  • Gifted by Hau after becoming Champion. 

  • Needs to know Sparkling Aria

Decidueye Z

  • Gifted by Kukui after defeating Guzma for first time (if Rowlet is your starter)

  • Gifted by Hau after becoming Champion.

  • Needs to know Spirit Shackle

Tapunium Z

  • After becoming Champion and catching/defeating Tapu Koko

  • Needs to know Nature’s Madness

Snorlaxium Z

  • Download special Munchlax

Alola Raichu Z

  • Talk to woman in Seafolk Village (Steelix sub) and have Alola Raichu in your party

Eevee Z

  • Talk to the Man in the Thirfty Megamart and defeat the 8 Eeveelution trainers.

    Vaporeon - Trainer School

    Jolteon - ??

    Flareon - Tide Song Hotel

    Espeon - Geothermal Power Plant

    Umbreon - Hau’oli Cemetary

    Glaceon - Iki Town on Melemele

    Leafeon - Hano Grand Resort on the beach

    Sylveon - Seafolk Village(?) 

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