‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ TM Locations: Every Move And Where To Find Them In Alola

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Pokémon Sun and Moon, like past games, will change the way trainers battle in the seventh generation.

Sun and Moon introduces a lot more new abilities, new moves and marks the debut of Z-Moves. However, with new moves come new technical machines, or TMs, for trainers to teach their Pokémon attacks they may not learn on their own.

Also, HMs are no longer in Sun and Moon and instead some of the more popular HMs are now TMs.

Some of the TMs are gifted by different NPCs and some you’ll have to explore different routes and towns to find but luckily, we’ve compiled a list of TMs and where to find them.

Below is a list of all the TMs in Sun and Moon with their locations. A lot of the TMs are found in certain PokeCenter markets and have their own section for easy searching.


Heahea City PokeCenter

Light Screen




Aurora Veil

Royal Avenue PokeCenter


Sunny Day

Rain Dance


Konikoni City store

TM08- Bulk Up


Double Team

Low Sweep

Shadow Claw

Dragon Tail

Malie City PokeCenter


Smack Down

Aerial Ace


Steel Wing


Rock Polish

Swords Dance



Seafolk Village PokeCenter

Calm Mind


Hyper Beam

Solar Beam


Sludge Wave

Fire Blast

Focus Blast

Giga Impact

Stone Edge


TM01 - Work Up

  • Defeat four trainers at the Trainer School

TM02 - Dragon Claw

  • Vast Poni Canyon near start of seventh Trial

TM03 - Psyshock

  • Lake of the Sunne

TM05 - Roar

  • Kala’e Bay

TM06 - Toxic

  • Aether Paradise (BF1)  

TM10 - Hidden Power

  • Power Checker at Day Care in Pani’ola Ranch

TM12 - Taunt

  • Talk to the guy in the trailer on Route 13

TM13 - Ice Beam

  • Mount Lanakila

TM21 - Frustration

  • Talk to Oranguru in Malasada Shop in Malie City

TM24 - Thunderbolt

  • Poni Plains in the West (need Tauros)

TM26 - Earthquake

  • Resolution Cave (need Tauros and Mudsdale PokeRide)

TM27 - Return

  • Talk to Oranguru in Malasada Shop in Malie City

TM28 - Leech Life

  • Route 9 in Akala Outskirts

TM29 - Psychic

  • Get from Aether Foundation (story)

TM30 - Shadow Ball

  • Route 14 (surf to the structure in the middle of the lake)

TM31 - Brick Break

  • Verdant Cave

TM35 - Flamethrower

  • Vast Poni Canyon (look for tunnel inside a tree)

TM36 - Sludge Bomb

  • Po Town (Team Skull hideout)

TM39 - Rock Tomb

  • Right side of Volcano on Route 7

TM41 - Torment

  • Route 5

TM43 - Flame Charge

  • Route 8 after a certain story event

TM44 - Rest

  • Gift from Hypno in Thrifty Megamart

TM45 - Attract

  • Hano Grand Hotel (talk to Machamp)

TM46 - Thief

  • Verdant Cavern Totem’s Den (need Tauros)

TM49 - Echoed Voice

  • Near grass across from Police Station in Hau’oli City Shopping District

TM50 - Overheat

  • Poni Meadow

TM53 - Energy Ball

  • Route 8 (accessed through Lush Jungle, need Tauros and Machamp PokeRide)

TM54 - False Swipe

  • From Professor Kakui after defeating first Kahuna

TM55 - Scald

  • Route 5 (Brooklet Hill) Need Lapras PokeRide

TM56 - Fling

  • Talk to woman with Machamp at Hau’oli Cemetary

TM57 - Charge Beam

  • Route 5

TM58 - Sky Drop

  • Route 8

TM59 - Brutal Swing

  • Route 5

TM60 - Quash

  • Defeat Ace Trainer in southern part of Poni Plains

TM62 - Acrobatics

  • Ten Carat Hill Farthest Hollow on Route 1 (Need Tauros PokeRide)

TM61 - Will o’ Wisp

  • Konikoni City (via Diglet’s Cave)

TM62 - Acrobatics

  • Ten Carat Hill backroom

TM63 - Embargo

  • Talk to man in Geothermal Plant

TM64 - Explosion

  • Inside Ten Carat Hill (need Sharpedo)

TM67 - Smart Strike

  • Gift from Kukui after completing fourth trial

TM72 - Volt Switch

  • Route 10

TM73- Thunder Wave

  • Route 7 (need Lapras)

TM74 - Gyro Ball

  • Route 11

TM76 - Fly

  • Talk to the girl in the Malie Library

TM77 - Psych Up

  • Defeat Kahuna of Route 12 (defeat all other trainers on this route)

TM79 - Frost Breath

  • Ancient Poni Path

TM80 - Rock Slide

  • Melemele Sea (need Sharpedo)

TM81 - X-Scissor

  • Route 16 behind trailer

TM83 -  Infestation

  • Route 3 East of bridge (need Tauros)

TM84 - Poison Jab

  • Route 17

TM85- Dream Eater

  • Haina Desert (up, right, up, right, left, down)

TM86 - Grass Knot

  • Lush Jungle

TM87 - Swagger

  • Route 2 (talk to the women in the house)

TM88 - Sleep Talk

  • Paniola Town (enter from Route 6)

TM91 - Flash Cannon

  • Seafolk Village on Poni Island in the Steelix submarine

TM92 - Trick Room

  • Hano Grand Hotel (talk to Kahili after becoming Champion)

TM93 - Wild Charge

  • Route 15 (need Sharpedo PokeRide)

TM94 - Surf

  • Poni Breaker Coast (defeat both women)

TM95 - Snarl

  • Route 10

TM96 - Nature Power

  • Defeat Trial Guide on Route 5 after defeating all other trainers on that Route.

TM97 - Dark Pulse

  • Poni Coast

TM98 - Waterfall

  • Poni Breaker Coast

TM99 - Dazzling Gleam

  • Vast Poni Canyon

TM100 - Confide

  • Hau’oli Cemetery

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