‘Pokémon Sun And Moon’ Munchlax Distribution: How To Download Special Snorlax With Z-Crystal

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snorlax pokemon sun and moon
A special Snorlax will be available in 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Pokemon Company

Those who purchase Pokémon Sun and Moon will get a special Pokémon from Day 1. This special Pokémon is Munchlax, but it’s not just any ordinary Munchlax, it comes to trainers holding the special Snorlium Z-Crystal where they can’t get it anywhere else in the games.

From Nov. 18 to Jan. 11 2017, Sun and Moon owners can access the internet via the Mystery Gift function to download the Munchlax holding the special Z-Crystal.

To do so, boot up your Sun or Moon game and choose the Mystery Gift function in the start screen.

Choose GET VIA INTERNET and your 3DS will connect to the internet and send over Munchlax to your game. Trainers then simply have to go to any PokeCenter and speak to the representative by the desk and she will add the Munchlax to your party.

This Munchlax comes at Level 5 with the Thick Fat ability and the moves Metronome, Hold Back, Happy Hour and Tackle.

The Snorlium Z-Crystal won’t work with Munchlax, so you’ll have to evolve it into a Snorlax. To do so, you’ll need to max out Munchlax’s affection towards you, which can be done easily with the Pokémon Refresh mode.

You can also let Munchlax hold the Soothe Bell to raise its friendship towards you as you travel Alola.

Once you have your Snorlax, slap the Z-Crystal on it and let Snorlax use its Pulverizing Pancake attack to decimate the competition.

Again, the Munchlax distribution ends on Jan. 11 2017, so don’t wait, and let us know your ideal moveset for Snorlax in Sun and Moon down in the comments section below.

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