‘Pokémon Sun And Moon’ Battle Tree: Rules, Scouting And Everything You Need To Know

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pokemon sun and moon red and blue
Red and Blue return in 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Pokemon Company

In Pokémon Sun and Moon , there is a place where some of the strongest trainers go to do some battling. No, not the Pokémon League, the Battle Tree found on Poni Island.

The Battle Tree in Sun and Moon acts a lot like the Battle Maison in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, where you can face off against trainers in exchange for Battle Points and get some awesome battle items with your Battle Points.

However, to get to the Battle Tree you’ll need to become the Champion of Alola and then head to the Poni Gauntlet through the Poni Coast.

Once you get to the Poni Gauntlet you’ll run into Blue and Red and they will challenge you to a battle. You have to choose which to face off against and be prepared because both are extremely strong.

After you defeat one of them, they will let you go on to the Battle Tree.


Just like the Battle Maison in ORAS where you can go through a slew of trainers in either Single, Double or Multi Battles. You’ll try to win against as many trainers in a row without losing. Your streak will go back to zero when you lose once.

Every time you defeat a trainer, you’ll earn Battle Points (BP), which you can use to scout trainers or exchange for prizes. The longer your win streak, the more BP you’ll receive.


Each battle in the Battle Tree has flat rules:

-Any Pokémon that’s over level 50 will have their level lowered to 50.

-You have to choose three Pokémon for Single Battles, four for Double Battles and two for Multi Battles.

-You can’t use the same Pokémon or item in your battles but your partner in Multi Battles can have the same as you.  


When you participate in a Multi Battle, you can select a Trainer who you’ve scouted after participating in Single or Double Battles at the Battle Tree to be your partner. You must defeat them before you can scout them.

You CAN’T scout Battle Legends. Battle Legends appear after every 10 wins in the Super Battles.

Here’s a list of Battle Legends available:















King’s Rock (32 BP)

Deep Sea Tooth (32 BP)

Deep Sea Scale (32 BP)

Dragon Scale (32 BP)

Up-Grade (32 BP)

Dubious Disc (32 BP)

Protector (32 BP)

Electirizer (32 BP)

Magmarizer (32 BP)

Reaper Cloth (32 BP)

Whipped Dream (32 BP)

Satchet (32 BP)

Toxic Orb (16 BP)

Flame Orb (16 BP)

Iron Ball (16 BP)

Ring Target (16 BP)

White Herb (24 BP)

Mental Herb (24 BP)

Power Herb (24 BP)

Focus Sash (32 BP)

Air Balloon (32 BP)

Red Card (32 BP)

Eject Button (32 BP)

Weakness Policy (32 BP)

Choice Band (48 BP)

Choice Specs (48 BP)

Choice Scarf (48 BP)

Life Orb (48 BP)

Rocky Helmet (48 BP)

Assault Vest (48 BP)

Safety Goggles (48 BP)

Terrain Extender (48 BP)

  • Extends duration of Terrain effects

Protective Pads (48 BP)

  • Protects against effects from direct contact moves

Gengarite (64 BP)

Scizorite (64 BP)

Pinsirite (64 BP)

Aerodactylite (64 BP)

Lucarionite (64 BP)

Kangaskhanite (64 BP)

Gyaradosite (64 BP)

Absolite (64 BP)

Alakazite (64 BP)

Garchompite (64 BP)

Sablenite (64 BP)

Metagrossite (64 BP)

Sharpedonite (64 BP)

Slowbronite (64 BP)

Glalitite (64 BP)

Salamencite (64 BP)

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