'Pokémon Go' Server Outage Issues: Generation 2 Update Causing Crashes And Lag Problems

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king's rock
King's Rock is one of the items in the update Bulbapedia

Pokémon Go just unleashed 80 new Johto Pokémon and players around the world are all jumping into the game at once. All of this traffic must be wreaking havoc on Niantic’s servers because the game has slowed to an absolute crawl. The servers aren’t down (yet) but you might want to hold off going to a park to try and catch a Wooper or Houndour.

The Pokémon Go Twitter account posted about the problems, saying that they are working on fixing the issue.



Here are some problems I’ve encountered today in Pokémon Go :

  • Pokémon would take forever to show up on my main map.

  • When clicked, Pokémon would take minutes to load into battle or just disappear.

  • After throwing a Pokeball, the game would crash so I couldn’t try to catch the Pokémon again.

  • Avatar lag, so your in-game trainer takes minutes to catch up to where you actually are.

  • Losing candy because the game crashed as you were evolving a Pokémon.

  • Dropping an Incense, only for it to not show up in the actual game.

If any of these are happening to you, know that it has nothing to do with your game. The only thing you can do now is wait for Niantic to fix their servers or for enough trainers to get bored and quit the game for the night. The servers might not be fully stable for a few days, so don’t waste all your time walking around in the cold.

Once the game is fully stable, I plan on running around in the snow in a desperate search for a Larvitar.

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