'Pokémon GO' New Tracker: FastPokeMap Replaces Pokevision, Reveals Pokémon Within Walking Distance

FastPokeMap tracker app is currently available for 'Pokémon Go.' FastPokeMap.com

Yesterday, Niantic shut down the infamous Necrobot farming app that enabled Pokémon Go players to exploit the game. Users were able to gather items from Pokéstops and even trick Pokémon Go into hatching eggs by faking walks while grinding from a stationary location. But while Niantic shut down Necrobot, Pokévision in the past, and is actively banning users that are exploiting Pokémon Go, there are still programs out there that offer that extra leg-up. But you'll have to jump on it before Niantic takes it down as well. 

Like Pokévision, FastPokeMap is a Pokémon Go tracker that features a map and scanner to indicate a Pokémon's location and duration. That said, FastPokeMap is a little less effective as its scan radius is significantly smaller than Pokévision. Pokévision also allowed users to narrow down the search to only specific Pokémon. What's more, it seems like FastPokeMap is much less stable, as its Twitter page is riddled with status updates regarding its outages and server reboots. Still, there's one significant factor that separates FastPokeMap from Pokévision: the app is at least up and running. 

Sadly, it's difficult to say how long it will be before Niantic shuts down FastPokeMap as well. But with every third party software that Niantic gets rid of, another seems to take its place. The latest update with the "leaf tracker" still riles Pokémon trainers – FastPokeMap makes Pokémon Go a lot more playable and worthwhile. 

FastPokeMap tracker app is currently available for 'Pokémon Go.' Photo: FastPokeMap.com
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