'Pokémon Go': Ditto Has Finally Been Caught, How To Catch One Of Your Very Own

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Ditto is finally in Pokemon Go reddit via kvothelar

A few months ago, John Hanke, CEO of Niantic said that if players look for Ditto in Pokémon Go “they will find it.” Finally, it seems like players have found the elusive transforming blob, with reports coming in from all over the internet claiming that they caught one. The Silph Road, the main source for Pokémon Go knowledge, tweeted this out on Tuesday night.




Turns out, Ditto can now be captured in Pokémon Go. Ditto is unlike any other Pokémon in the game – it only shows up after it’s been caught pretending to be something else. Say you catch a Rattata; after the XP screen a prompt of “Oh?” will pop up. A Ditto will then show itself and be added to your Pokedex. On the map screen, it just looks like a normal Rattata, it’s impossible to tell that you found a Ditto until it’s been caught.

ditto reddit
Ditto fighting Vaporeon Photo: Reddit via GeorgeBlackk

It takes 3 km to get a Candy from walking your Ditto.

If you battle with a Ditto in a Gym, it transforms into whatever Pokémon you are fighting against, but does not become as strong as them. The CP of your Ditto helps decide how strong the transformed Pokémon is going to be. Ditto gains the attacks of whomever it’s fighting, which is pretty awesome.

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