Pokémon Z Release Date: CoroCoro Gives More Volcanion Movie Details And Teases Major February Announcement

pokemon z release date movie trailer mega evolution
Zygarde will star in the upcoming Pokémon X and Y movie in 2016 (Photo: Serebii)

There’s a lot going on in the Pokémon world in 2016. It’s the 20th anniversary of the franchise and Nintendo, Game Freak and the Pokémon Company are having a bunch of products that fans will get their hands on.

However, what’s missing in all of the festivities is the announcement of a main Pokémon game, which the fandom has dubbed Pokémon Z.

Fans know it’s coming in 2016, it’s just a matter of time and the January issue of CoroCoro may have some hints as to when we can hear more about the main Pokémon game of this year. In the issue, there are pages dedicated to Volcanion, which was officially revealed in December, and what its motives are in the upcoming Pokémon movie.

According to Serebii, Volcanion hates humans. The magazines specifically asks why Volcanion hates humans and we’ll find out when the Pokémon X,Y and Z movie releases later this year.

But alongside the minor details regarding Volcanion and the movie was this little tidbit about the February issue of CoroCoro. The magazine says that the next issue -- releasing in Feb. 15 -- will have a world exclusive scoop poster and a major announcement that will affect the entire world for the movie.

UPDATE: Trailer for February's issue of CoroCoro teases a new Pokemon named Magiana 

Here are the CoroCoro scans showing Volcanion.

corocoro2162th pokemon volcanion
Volcanion in the Jan. issue of CoroCoro Photo: CoroCoro/Serebii


corocoro2161th volcanion pokemon
Volcanion details in the Jan. issue of CoroCoro Photo: CoroCoro/Serebii

Pokémon fans may immediately think that the announcement for Pokémon Z is coming in CoroCoro’s February issue. Well, Serebii’s Joe Merrick wants fans to temper their expectations.

So what news will fans get about the Pokémon movie in next month’s CoroCoro? It could be the exact synopsis for the film including how Zygarde fits into all of this. But it could also reveal a brand new Mega Pokémon that will debut in the upcoming movie. Or maybe there’s a secret with Volcanion that we didn’t know before.


Diancie had a Mega Evolution and Hoopa had its Unbound Form. So perhaps Volcanion will get something that was previously unknown.

Either way, it will further confirm a Pokémon Z or main Pokémon game for 2016 but for now it’s all speculation and we’ll have to wait about a month to get the details.

In the meantime, let us know your guesses as to what the February CoroCoro will give in the comments section.

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