‘Pokémon Shuffle’ Update: Reshiram And Shaymin Sky Forme Appear

reshiram pokemon anime
Reshiram in the Pokemon anime Pokemon Company

A new update for Pokémon Shuffle has arrived and introduces a new legendary Pokémon and a new forme change for one of the mythical Pokémon already in the game.

Reshiram, the legendary from Pokémon Black Version is making his debut in the same way Zekrom did previously . Shufflers will have 30 turns to bring Reshiram’s health to zero and capture the Fire type Pokémon but be aware, Reshiram can take a lot of hits so bring your hardest hitting ‘mon to battle.

Mega Garchomp is the go-to ‘mon for this battle as its damage and ability helps with making combos and clearing disruptions. If you go with an all-Water team you can use Mega Swampert but the attacking power leaves much to be desired.

Barrier Bash+ is Reshiram’s ability in Pokémon Shuffle and starts with a base power of 80 with the capture rate being 1 percent to start and 2 percent with every turn remaining.

Shaymin’s Sky Forme will also be introduced in Pokémon Shuffle as a separate ‘mon, similar to Keldeo’s Resolute Forme.

This battle is timed, as shufflers will have 40 seconds to defeat Shaymin and capture it. Abilities in timed battles are not as useful so go with your hardest hitting ‘mon to take out the health bar as quickly as possible.

Tyranitar, Kyurem and Avalugg are great choices while Mega Ampharos is probably your best bet. Just quickly make matches until you defeat Shaymin.

Shaymin Sky Forme has a base power of 70 with the ability Power of 4+ and has a capture rate of 20 percent with an added 2 percent with every 3 seconds remaining.

For more tips and tricks to defeating these stages you should visit the Pokémon Shuffle subreddit. There’s always a dialogue with in-depth strategies to defeating and capturing specific Pokémon.

What teams are you using to defeat and capture Shaymin Sky Forme and Reshiram? Let us know in the comments section below.

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