'Overwatch' Is Pornhub's #11 Search Term Of 2016, Ya Filthy Animals

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tracer butt
Tracer doing her thing Blizzard

According to Pornhub’s extensive 2016 end-of-year report, Overwatch is the #11 most-searched term on Pornhub worldwide and makes the top 10 in more than a few countries. A few of Overwatch's lovely ladies, such as Tracer and Mercy, also appear in the list of top video game characters people search for.

“Well known for its fast action and overtly sexualized characters, the game quickly became the subject of hundreds of fantasy porn parodies and tribute videos,” states the post, which points out that “Overwatch” had the biggest search frequency increase of any term (up 452 spots since 2015). That makes sense, since Overwatch only came out in May of this year.

Overwatch's search popularity in 2016. Photo: (c) Pornhub

The post also quotes the author of The Sex Bible for People Over 50 , Dr. Laurie Betito:

“It appears that the trend is moving more toward fantasy than reality. ‘Generic’ porn is being replaced with fantasy specific or scenario specific scenes. Is this as a result of boredom or curiosity? One thing is certain; the typical ‘in-out, in-out’ no longer satisfies the masses, who are clearly looking for something different.”

Overwatch “is among the top gaining searches for 18–24 year olds (+833%), probably because they are the ones most likely to be playing (or interested in) the game,” the post explains.

“Overwatch” made #7 in Australia’s most searched-for terms. It was #1 in Brazil (where Pokemon was #4 - gross, Brazil). Interestingly enough, “Overwatch” was also #1 in Russia, where the most recent Overwatch comic revealing Tracer’s non-heterosexuality was not published for fear of crossing Russia’s anti-homosexuality laws. “Overwatch” came in #3 in Spain.

“Since May 5th, when Overwatch entered public beta, searches on Pornhub for ‘overwatch’ have been increasing. On May 9th, just a few short days after the release, searches containing ‘overwatch’ went up by 321%. After May 9th, you see a slow down in these searches, but they pick right back up around the 24th of May, when Blizzard Entertainment released the official version. The growth in searches containing ‘Overwatch’ peaked on May 29th at +447%, and have remained comfortably above average since,” states the post.

Overwatch characters also dominated the list of video game characters searched for on Pornhub.

Pornhub's list of top video game characters searched for in 2016. Photo: (c) Pornhub

“Although Lara Croft remained on top with close to 2.5 million searches overall, Sombra- Overwatch ’s latest sexy hero, experienced the largest peak increase in searches on November 8th at +597%. While Tracer (another Overwatch hero) followed very close behind Lara Croft in terms of number of searches,” states the post.

This isn’t the first time Overwatch ’s porn popularity has made waves; even bundled-up Mei in her bulky parka has made folks hot under the collar.

Are you one of the many who’ve snuck a furtive “Overwatch” into the Pornhub search bar? I don’t want to hear anything about it, so let’s talk about baby birds and rainbows in the comments section below.  

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