'Outlast 2', 'Outlast Trinity' Launch Trailers Published By Red Barrels

Outlast 2 - Silhouette
Outlast 2 Red Barrels

A pair of new trailers for Outlast 2 and Outlast Trinity are out this weekend, days before both release in North America, and it doesn’t look like there will be any shortage of scares when the Outlast franchise returns to PC and consoles next week. Neither tells us much about the series we didn’t already know -- they’re played in first-person and creepy as hell -- but they should give newcomers a pretty solid understanding of what to expect from the upcoming Outlast sequel.

Outlast 2 isn’t a direct sequel to its predecessor or the Whistleblower DLC, both of which are bundled into Outlast Trinity . Rather than continue the journeys of Miles Upshur or Waylon Park, Outlast 2 follows pair of new protagonists, cameraman Blake Langermann and his wife, Lynn. The duo is investigating the mysterious murder of an unidentified woman, believed to have been killed somewhere in the Arizona desert, only to discover they are in over their heads. Religion seems like it will be a major theme this time around, but the degree to which that remains true won’t be known until Outlast 2 hits PC and consoles later this month.

Players will have two options when purchasing the Outlast sequel. Those new to the franchise will likely opt for Outlast Trinity , which includes both numerical entries in the series and the aforementioned Whistleblower DLC. The collection will only be available from retailers, but gives consoles owners a chance to get the entire Outlast series for $39.99. Outlast 2 will also be available separately on PSN, Xbox One and Steam for $29.99.

For a closer look at all three of the Outlast games, take a few minutes to watch the new Outlast 2 and Outlast Trinity trailers published on Friday. Then head down to the comments section and let us know if you’re planning to revisit the franchise when it returns to retail next week.

Outlast 2 is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The complete trilogy, sold as Outlast Trinity, will be available for the same platforms. Both debut April 25.

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