Nintendo Switch Shortage? New Report Says GameStop Won’t Have Many Units In March

The size of the Nintendo Switch is compared to other devices in this video Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch presentation takes place Jan. 12 and information regarding the release date and pre-order for the upcoming hybrid console will be announced around that time. However, a new report says a low number of units will be made available to GameStop stores.

According to GoNintendo’s source, a majority of GameStop stores will have a small number Nintendo Switch units available in March. In particular, the source’s GameStop will have only 20 units to sell in-store, which will likely be the average number of units available around the country.

Larger cities may have GameStops with higher stock, but judging from this source it seems that Nintendo will be strict with the amount of consoles each store will have.

Here’s the video report with the Switch/GameStop stuff starting around the 2:06 mark.

Of course, the lack of Nintendo Switch units coming to GameStops will lead to many gamers flocking to the stores and online to pre-order their Nintendo Switch to guarantee a console is available for them in March.

Gamers should know that there are other places to purchase/pre-order a Nintendo Switch (Best Buy, Amazon etc…) but as GoNintendo made a point of saying, if GameStop, a store that sells dedicated gaming hardware and software won’t have many units, then other retailers may have the same amount, if not less. We could be seeing another NES Classic Edition fiasco.

Rumors about Nintendo Switch pre-orders began to fly after a reddit user spoke about GameStop employees receiving notices about the console being available to pre-order on Jan. 13. GameStop told iDigitalTimes that they will   "have more information soon following Nintendo's event/presentations next week."

We have reached out to GameStop for clarification regarding the amount of Nintendo Switch units being made available and we will update as soon as we learn more.

So do you believe that Nintendo will be releasing a low number of units when the Switch releases in March? Let us know in the comments section below.

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