Nintendo Switch Price News: Toys ‘R’ Us Site Lists Console For Under $250

nin switch
Nintendo is really depending on the Switch to do well. Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch is an odd beast. Somewhere between full console and a handheld, it’s still a little unclear exactly how people will use the next Nintendo console. And with rumors that the Switch is less powerful than existing hardware like the PS4, it may not be able to command the same price as a standard home console, let alone a premium like the PS4’s $400 price point. Thanks to a leaked Toys “R” Us product listing reported by Forbes it appears the Switch may enter the market at a very enticing price that nicely splits the difference between a console and portable. That’s good news for Nintendo and anyone willing to take a gamble on the hybrid Switch.

According to Forbes, the since-removed product listing set the Nintendo Switch price at $329.99 CAD. That’s about $243 USD, leaving us with a likely suggested retail price of $249.99 USD for the Nintendo Switch.

We’re unlikely to get official confirmation on the Switch price until Nintendo’s Jan. 12 event, but it’d be nice if they revealed a number this low. The Wii U launched at $299 for the more basic version (with only 8 GBs of internal storage!). At $249.99, the Nintendo Switch is priced more in line with their portable consoles (that’s the same price the 3DS debuted at), perhaps making a decision to purchase easier for consumers hesitant to jump on such a low-powered home console, who otherwise might be considering a $299.99 Xbox One or PS4.

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