Nintendo NX Release Date Rumors: New Console To Be Unveiled In June, Released By November

The Nintendo NX is rumored to be releasing this November Nintendo

The rumored Nintendo NX console may be jumping into the spotlight sooner rather than later. New rumors have surfaced pointing to a console reveal coming this June from Nintendo, with a release sometime between October and November of this year. This news comes by way of Barrons.

According to analyst Junko Yamamura, the new Nintendo NX console will first show up in a few months. Yamamura is an analyst at Nomura Securities. The "concept" reveal for the NX is apparently scheduled to be sometime between March and May. This means Nintendo will be giving fans a basic idea of what the console will be like. Will there be touch-screen controllers? What other wacky gimmicks will Nintendo pack in? All these basic questions will probably be answered at this time.

The next step, according to Yamamura, is the official unveiling. This will supposedly take place in June, probably during this year's E3. It's here we will actually get to see what the console will look like, what kind of graphics and framerates the console is capable of, and other technical questions. If we're lucky, there might even be some hands-on demo opportunities taking place at E3.

From here, Yamamura is predicting that the Nintendo NX will be getting released at some point between October and November of this year. A November date is the most likely, as that seems to be the popular month to release new consoles.

Interestingly, Nomura Securities has revised their predicted price of the Nintendo NX to be lower than they anticipated. Originally, the Nintendo NX was speculated to be releasing for 21,900 yen. That speculated price has dropped down to 17,300 yen. This roughly translates to $150, making the NX seem surprisingly inexpensive.

Of course, this is all insider speculation. Don't hold everything written here to be absolute truth, but there are definitely many signs pointing to this being the way Nintendo will reveal their new console.

So what do you think? Are you interested in seeing what Nintendo and the Nintendo NX have in store for gamers? Do you hope Nintendo continues making creative consoles, or goes back to making more traditional consoles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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