New Pokémon Mobile Game ‘Splash! Magikarp’ To Release In Japan, No U.S. Launch Confirmed

splash magikarp pokemon
'Splash! Magikarp', a new Pokemon mobile game is coming to Japan. Pokemon Company

A new Pokémon mobile game has been announced by The Pokémon Company to be released this spring in Japan.

According to Serebii, Splash! Magikarp is this new Pokémon mobile game which will reportedly come to iOS and Android devices in the upcoming season; however, details on the new mobile title are scarce.

What is known is that Splash! Magikarp is being developed by Select Button Inc. and that it features a fisherman and two holes shaped like the Pokémon Magikarp.

This is not the first Pokémon game to come to mobile devices. Pokémon Shuffle jumped to mobile devices after months on the Nintendo 3DS and Pokémon Go was a global phenomenon when it released last summer.

Pokémon Duel was finally released in North America after almost a year in Japan.

Nintendo has ramped up its mobile presence after the social app, Miitomo , was followed by Super Mario Run and now Fire Emblem Heroes , with an Animal Crossing mobile game coming soon.

There are no details regarding this mobile game coming to devices outside of Japan but it’s only a matter of time before it does.

We will continually update this story as more details emerge.

In the meantime, what do you think of this Splash! Magikarp mobile game? Are you happy that Nintendo has begun to implant itself in the mobile game space? Let us know in the comments section below.

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