‘Mortal Kombat X’ Latest 1.12 Patch Includes The Pit, Kove Stage Fatality And More Balances

Mortal Kombat X will still require an Xbox Live Gold or PS+ subscription to play online NetherRealm

NetherRealm Studios is getting Mortal Kombat X ready for when Kombat Pack 2 is unleashed onto the world with a huge patch update that includes the classic Pit stage, more stage fatalities and character balances.

The latest Mortal Kombat X patch (1.12, to be exact) has begun popping up on PS4s and Xbox Ones. The patches are a bulky 10.729 GB if you haven’t been keeping up with the periodic updates. If you’re up to date, the latest MKX patch will only be about 5 GB.

NeoGaf also revealed that this patch has “unlocked” Kombat Pack 2 fighters on the character select screen, but as with the past DLC characters, they are grayed out and not selectable. Again, NetherRealm is preparing for when the four new fighters are released in March.

UPDATE: The official MKX patch notes are up! 

Unfortunately, the official Mortal Kombat X page doesn’t have any official patch notes, but some savvy fighters on various online forums have begun compiling the changes to characters that they have tested and noticed.

Over at Test Your Might, user looktotheluna shared this tidbit regarding the Mortal Kombat X 1.12 patch.

“The Kove has a stage fatality and the Pit stage is in there and it has all the beta changes applied (only just checked Kung Lao and Tanya)

EX orb hat is still +7 on block and J2 hitbox adjusted, along with EX Cyclone, which draws the opponent in on block.

Tanya's Ex Tonfa throw is 0 on block and 0 on hit and armor removed from the EX rekka, as it was already confirmed.

The chip damage decrease can really be seen with these character's block strings and Tanya players will definitely need to be more patient now.”        

The Mortal Kombat subreddit has a thread going on discussing testing for different characters. So check those out while everyone waits for the official patch notes from NetherRealm.

We will update this post when the official patch notes go live but for now, let us know what changes you discovered in the latest Mortal Kombat X update in the comments section below.

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