'Minecraft' Update 1.10 Pre-Release 2 Bring New Sounds And More Bug Fixes

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Minecraft Update 1.10 - Pre-release 2
Minecraft Update 1.10 - Pre-release 2 Photo: Mojang

UPDATE: Well that didn't take long. Just one day after releasing a second pre-release, Mojang has published the stable build of Minecraft Update 1.10. The game's latest patch can be downloaded via the game launcher and official patch notes can be found in the usual spot.

A new developmental build of Minecraft debuted this week, just as we’ve come to expect when Mojang is working on a new patch, but it looks like there’s a good chance that Minecraft Update 1.10 is going to spend significantly less time in development than the average patch.

It’s been about four months since Mojang published Minecraft Update 1.9 , the culmination of more than six months of developmental work at the developer’s Stockholm HQ. Typically, this is about the time we’d see the first previews of the next Minecraft patch begin to trickle out of the studio, kicking off a journey that lasts many months. But it looks like Mojang is already making final preparations to release Minecraft Update 1.10 . Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the game’s next patch will be nearly as exciting as the Combat Update that arrived back in February.

Our first preview of Minecraft Update 1.10 emerged last month, followed quickly by a round of bug fixes to fix the handful of new items in the game’s next patch, but it seems Mojang has already made enough progress to drop the “snapshot” designation. The studio previously said it hasn’t nailed down a timeline for the debut of Minecraft Update 1.10; however, it will apparently continue to use the “pre-release” designation until the patch is ready for deployment. Without a doubt, this marks the fastest change in nomenclature we’ve seen since we started covering Minecraft , leading us to wonder if Mojang could be planning to release Minecraft Update 1.10 before the end of June.

Here’s the change log for Minecraft 1.10 Pre-Release 2, via Jens Bergensten :

  • Removed the entity alias spawn eggs and all the nonsense that came along with them

  • Updated sounds - more info

  • Fixed some bugs

    • Fixed polar bears not breeding when fed wheat

    • Fixed the end stone bricks crafting recipe missing

    • Fixed mobs being unable to receive shields in the main hand with /replaceitem

    • Fixed hostile mobs spawning on magma blocks

    • Fixed item frames' and paintings' hitboxes being offset

    • Fixed JSON signs with scoreboard objectives erasing their block data upon chunk load

    • Fixed mobs not going around magma block walls

    • Fixed skulls in the inventory causing buggy rendering of certain inventory slots, potion effect display and attack cooldown

    • Fixed tab completion not working correctly when text is already selected

    • Fixed tab-complete not working correctly for /playsound

    • Fixed Auto-Jump not working if there is a snow layer or a similar thing on the block

    • Fixed an Auto-Jump Directional Bug: Jumping when already pressed against a wall only worked in certain directions

    • Fixed auto jump not including jump boost

    • Fixed Auto Jump starting to fly in Creative mode

    • Fixed /teleport providing tab-auto-completion for the other syntax used in /tp

    • Fixed horse names not being translated properly

    • Fixed invulnerable mobs acting like they are taking damage in fire

    • Fixed shulkers initially not being aligned to the grid when spawned

    • Fixed the "armor equipped" subtitle appearing when eating

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