'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Beginner's Guide: The Best Skills, Weapons And Squadmates To Get You Started

Mass Effect Andromeda beginner Guide
Get started the right way in Mass Effect: Andromeda BioWare

Mass Effect: Andromeda is finally out, and if this is your first Mass Effect game, you may be a little lost. Even if you are a series veteran, there’s still a few new tricks to learn in the Andromeda galaxy. Check below for all the tips and tricks we’ve uncovered to get you started on the right foot.

General Tips

  • Always be checking your skills menu. Skill points seem to be tossed out very frequently and in large quantities. I’ve had multiple instances of looking for an upgrade and finding out I had 20+ points to dish out. Make sure you have all of your squadmates upgraded as well, or at least the ones you know you’ll be using in combat.

    • Speaking of upgrades, don’t forget to upgrade the Nomad. The vehicle isn’t that great initially, but the boost, shields, jumping capabilities and more can be upgraded to make the Nomad a more helpful tool on alien planets.

  • Scan everything! Scanning items gets you research points that you can use to craft new items. The more you scan, the more items can be researched. Even doing a quick look around each environment should help increasing your points.

  • The jump-jet is your friend. If you’re in the air, hold the left trigger to aim down your sights and you’ll hover for a short time. Dashing around can also save your life, especially if you are not behind cover.

  • Clicking in the right stick switches the camera angle to the opposite shoulder. This helps when you’re trying to get the right power lined up, but the angle just isn’t working out.

  • The yellow health bar for an enemy means armor, the blue bar is shields and the red bar is health. Some powers are stronger or weaker depending on if an enemy has shields or armor.

Weapon Tips

  • You are free to use whatever weapons you want, so make sure you head into combat with the right loadout for your playstyle.

  • Even if you are focusing on the Biotic or Tech skill trees, make sure you put points into the Combat skills for the weapons you like best.

  • If you can’t find the weapon you want, try to research and craft it. The crafting bench on the Tempest is on the second floor, at the circular table with the Strike Team and AVP Points consoles.

  • Make sure you mod your weapons. Each weapon has at least one slot for modifications. If you don’t have the mod you want, see if you can research and craft it before trying to find it in a store.

Squad Tips

  • Research what kind of enemies you are likely to face before going on each mission. This will allow you to create the right squad for each situation.

  • As previously mentioned, be sure to level up your squadmates’ skills like you would upgrade your own.

  • Complete a character’s loyalty mission to access the top tier for each of that character’s skill upgrades. You can’t upgrade a character to his or her full potential without him or her being loyal to you.

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