‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Season 2 Episode 13 Recap: Rip Is Back

Where did Rip Hunter go? CW

We enjoyed evil Arthur Darvill while it lasted, but Waverider Captain Rip Hunter is back and ready to help the Legends find the last piece of the Spear of Destiny before the Legion of Doom do.

Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Season 2 episode 13, “Land of the Lost”

The Legends just have to find one more part of the Spear of Destiny, but Commander Steel has it and only Rip knows where Nate’s grandfather is. Evil Rip won’t tell Sarah Commander Steel’s whereabouts,  because his mind was tainted by Reverse Flash. Evil Rip uses Gideon to escape his cell, he overrides the Waverider ship and steals the medallion that will help the Legends track down the Spear. The only way Jax can stop Gideon from following Rip’s order is to reboot the entire system but he has to shut down the entire ship, which means they crash land in the oldest destination Gideon has in the log where Dinosaurs are alive.

Mick suggests cognitive intrusion to restore Rip’s mind, in the same way the Time Master’s brainwashed him to be Chronos. Every Time Master ship has the device, Gideon says, even though the not-evil Rip through the process was ‘barbaric.’ Meanwhile, Amaya, Nate and Ray go on a search for a missing part of the Time Ship that’s keeping them in Dinosaur land.

Jax and Sarah decide to go in Rip’s mind together and find the good Rip is trapped in a cell in the Waverider his own mind. They run into evil versions of themselves and the Legends team but thankfully encounter Gideon in human form, who helps navigate the ship and help fight evil- Firestorm and White Canary. Rip shows off some sort of air-blasting powers, the only way to defeat these fake-evil versions of the team. As Jax and Sara wake themselves up, Gideon and Rip kiss as Rip’s tainted mind collapses and restores to back to normal.

Roy, Amaya and Nate have now found the missing piece of the time ship, but it’s stuck in a nest of T-Rex eggs. The mother runs after them and Amaya uses her powers to talk the dinosaur down, which really turns Nate on. The two have been ferociously flirting all episode, even though Ray told Nate it’s not a good idea, because Amaya’s future not going as plans means Vixen is never born.

Back at the time ship, good Rip is back and officially meets Amaya and Nate. “I liked you better when you were killing people,” Mick says. Rip says he knows where Commander Steel is but the screen flashes to Eobard Thawne at NASA flight operations in 1970 before Apollo 13.

CLIFFHANGER: Is Reverse-Flash taking a trip to space and where is Commander Steel?

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