‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Season 2: ‘Doomworld’ Lets ‘Arrow’ Fans Watch Felicity Die Forever


Doomworld was introduced in Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 as Eobard Thawne’s wettest dream where Donald Trump is president and The Flash is dead. Though, to fans' surprise, the horror moive had a happy ending when the writers gave Felicity haters exactly what they were hoping to see in Arrow Season 4: the death of Felicity Smoak.

It was such a beautiful, ironic, moment when White Canary snapped Felicity’s neck at Damien Darhk’s command. It doesn’t get any better than Oliver’s best love interest killing his worst. But for Olicity lovers, there was an even worse moment. The writers really rubbed it in by having Felicity, a vigilante in Doomworld, break her ankle while jumping off the roof of a building trying to escape the wrath of White Canary and Amaya.

While Felicity’s character was beloved in the first two seasons, many Arrow fans had a change of heart when she and Oliver started getting romantic. Then came the moment many shippers were waiting for: Felicity gets shot to death in a limo. But unfortunately for the haters, she was only paralyzed in the accident.

Felicity’s character is undeniably better in Season 5 now that she’s getting her own story arc. Felicity joined Helix and has been working with the hacker organization in secret. Her new alliance and ethically questionable actions will be challenged in the upcoming episodes, according to Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim.

"I think the thing with Helix is there will be major consequences for Felicity, major consequences for Felicity's relationship with Oliver, and the introduction of a new character who you probably have not seen the last of."

In the meantime, check out the video below if you want to keep watching Felicity die.

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