‘The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’ Memory Map: All 12 Locations For Link's Lost Memories

‘The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’: Where to Find All 12 Locations For Link's Lost Memories
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Link and Zelda share a lot of tense moments in 'Breath of the Wild' Nintendo

Link has been asleep for 100 years and in that time, he has lost a lot of his memories of what happened in the past. While the story of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild deals with Link trying to stop Calamity Ganon and save Hyrule, there’s a subplot about regaining his memories.

There are 18 memories that Link will need to retrieve to get the whole picture of what happened 100 years ago. While some are part of the main story, a lot of them will take some optional detective work.

SPOILER ALERT! The following will likely spoil the story of Breath of the Wild. If you don’t want to learn about it before playing, turn back now.


These memories are tied directly into the story and the main mission. Players don’t have to go looking for any specific location as these memories will be recovered as part of the story. (Note: this list is still being compiled.)

Zora Domain

Gerudo Town

Rito Village

Goron City

Master Sword


When you reach Kakariko Village, you’ll be tasked with finding Purah of the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, and she will teach you more about your Sheikah Slate. She will actually open up the final Rune in your slate by completing a task for her. This final Rune is a camera function that has pictures of different landscapes in Hyrule taken by Zelda 100 years ago.

Purah believes that if Link finds these locations pieces of his memory will return. There are 18 memories in total and 12 of those you’ll need to find.

While you may be able to figure out what landscapes are in the pictures, there is one man who can help you. Pikango the painter can be found in Kakariko Village (in front of Impa’s house) and will tell you the location of one photo.

You won’t see Pikango again until you find him in horse stables scattered across Hyrule. He will appear in certain stables and tell you the general location of one photo each time you find him. Once you find the location, you’ll see a ring of light that will let Link recall a memory.

Here’s the list of locations where you can find Link’s lost memories (note: this list is still being compiled).

Photo #1 - Knighting ceremony area south of Hyrule Castle


Photo #2 - Lake Kolomo


Photo #3 - Ancient Columns just cross Tabantha Bridge where there’s a large cliff to the south. The ruins are atop that cliff. Outside Tena Ko’sah Shrine


Photo #4 - Kara Kara Bazaar by the pond


Photo #5 - To the west of Goronbi Lake in the Goron region. Find either the Woodland Stable or Mirro Shaz Shrine and go North. 


Photo #6 -Find the Serenne Stable and go southeast from there towards Hyrule Castle. There's a body of water just past Salari Hill. 


Photo #7 - West Necluda near Scout’s Hill, northeast of Hylia bridge.


Photo #8 - Inside Hyrule Castle 


Photo #9 - Spring of Power in the Ruins of the North Akkala Valley in between Ordorac Quarry and North Akkala Valley


Photo #10 - Sanidin Park Ruins near Safula Hill


Photo #11 - Snowy mountain Mount Lanaryu, there’s a gate at the bottom of Mount Lanaryu, west of Naydra Snowfield


Photo #12 - Northeast of the Bottomless Swamp along the Hylia River. 


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