Justice League Photo Teases Captain Cold In The Flash Movie

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Barry Allen's secret lair. Warner Bros

A new Justice League photo featuring Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen contains a reference to Captain Cold. The Flash’s lab is a mess, but one Twitter user inspected every detail and noticed a suit modification called “Cold Resistance.” The Flash solo film, Flashpoint, is expected to feature the infamous Flash villains, The Rogues, and you can’t do The Rogues without Captain Cold …

the flash captain cold
Did Barry Allen upgrade his suit to fend off Captain Cold? Photo: Warner Bros / TWitter

The timeline of Barry Allen’s origin story is still unclear, though it seems he hasa little bit of street smarts and superspeed experience when Bruce Wayne recruits him into the Justice League. If that inkling is correct, then it’s likely he’s encountered Captain Cold already. Equipped with a cold gun, a parka, and genius intellect, Leonard Snart is one of The Flash’s greatest foils physically and mentally, so it’s no surprise if The Flash has battled him that Cold got away.

You can tell a lot about a man from his secret lair. Across from the monitor teasing the existence of Captain Cold is an episode of Rick and Morty. Okay. We see you, Barry. Propped up on his desk is also a photo of Nikola Tesla, an electrical engineer, inventor, and all-around futurist born in 1856. Given Barry Allen’s skillset, his personal hero comes as no surprise.

It’s worth noting since the initial talk of the Rogues being the central villains of Ezra Miller’s solo turn at The Flash, the film has undergone serious changes. In Oct. 2016, THR reported Director Rick Famuyiwa left the film over creative differences. In January, Variety reported Joby Harold would rewrite the script. In June, The Wrap reported Phil Lord and Chris Miller are being considered as directors. Then at San Diego Comic Con during the Warner Bros. panel, it was confirmed the film, now titled Flashpoint, was still on DC’s slate. However, the creative team is still not confirmed and exact plot points remain a mystery.

The famous Flashpoint arc was explored on The CW’s Flash series not even a year ago, so Warner Bros. announcement was a huge surprise. However, given this new look into Barry Allen’s personality, Ezra Miller’s take on the character feels very different than Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen. It will be interesting to see how many changes they make to the character DCTV fans know and love. The same goes for Captain Cold, who was one of the first villains on The Flash TV series. If Captain Cold does come to the film universe, which actor should go up for the role? Let us know in the comments.

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