Justice League Garners Positive Early Reactions

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Barry Allen's secret lair. Warner Bros

If the responses garnered from its recent test screening are to be believed, Justice League will continue the critical path ushered in by Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman.


Production on the upcoming film has been knotty since its announcement back in 2016. Although Batman V. Superman performed admirably at the box office, it wasn’t quite the smash hit Warner Bros. had hoped for, saying nothing of the critical crucifixion it endured. Whether or not this informed the studio’s decision to hand the reigns over to nerd paragon, Joss Whedon, can only be speculated.

Whedon ended up rewriting a sizable portion of the script and overseeing the majority of the reshoots, reportedly in an attempt to establish a more light-hearted tone. This tid bit of hearsay is consistent with the trailer that dropped at San Diego Comic-Con, and with the report of recruiting Danny Elfman, who previously worked with Whedon on Avengers: Age of Ultron, to replace Junkie XL (bad move, in my opinion).

Regardless if Justice League is destined to be the vindicating team-up flick fans have been waiting for since Man Of Steel, it's going to be massive. Experts forecast Justice League to bring in $150 million on opening weekend, which is 50 percent more than the hugely successful Wonder Woman raked in earlier this summer.Over the course of Wonder Woman ’s run, however, it grossed $411 million in theaters. Meanwhile, BoxofficePro.com predicts Justice League to bow out with a cool $330 million, or more than $80 million less than the Amazonian Princess.

If the last five years of nerd culture has taught us anything, it’s to take the hyperbolic nature that “early reactions” engender with a massive grain of salt. I’m sure you recall Batman V. Superman being described as the best superhero film since The Dark Knight… it decidedly wasn’t. Every ounce of good news to come out of pre-production on Justice League , (lighter tone, inspired plot, Jason Momoa) has so far been counterbalanced with things that raise some credible concerns (Cyborg's awful CG, massive reshoots, that red sky shit?).

Guess we’ll find out sooner than later. Justice League hits theatres Nov. 17. Are you excited about the upcoming installment in DCEU? Let us know in the comment section below.

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