iDigitalTimes Year In Gaming: Zulai’s Picks For 2016

1. Skyrim- PS4Skyrim is as magical as I remembered. The scenery, dragons, stories and missions were both familiar yet new at the same time. I played Skyrim for years after its release and never got sick of it. When I needed a change, I’d create a new character and explore a different area of the world. There’s so much to find in Skyrim. It’s a masterpiece, glitches and all. Downloading mods to the game only added to fun. I still don’t give a shit about being Dragonborn, though. Screw you Greybeards, I am the mistress of darkness and won’t succumb to the ways of the light. I will bring chaos and mischief to the world of Skyrim!

2. Fire Emblem Fates

Creepy incest and petting aside, Fire Emblem was one of my favorite games to play this year. The story, gameplay, battle system, character customization, strategies, etc. were everything I look for in an RPG. I put in at least 60 hours into the game, and that’s saying a lot because my 3DS is more for casual playtime. I split my time on my 3DS between Fire Emblem and Pokemon Red, but Fire Emblem definitely took precedent. Love this game, just wish I was woman enough to turn on the permadeath option. I get way too attached to these characters. I want to romance everyone!

3. Fallout 4 DLC

Far Harbor, Nuka World, Wasteland Workshop, Automatron and Vault-Tec Workshop were all worth the additional 50 hours I put into my Fallout 4 save file. I particularly enjoyed playing Overseer and making my survivors do my bidding. Bethesda did a great job providing additional content that left me satisfied. Fallout 4 will never top Skyrim in my heart, but it’s definitely one of the best open-world RPGs I’ve played. I wish Fallout took a page out of Skyrim to let me have a family, a husband and my own plot of land to build where I can get away from settlements. Seriously, Preston Garvey is the worst. I’m not rescuing another dumb settler who was kidnapped by raiders.

4. The Walking Dead Season 3: A New Frontier

It’s no secret I’m a huge The Walking Dead fan, so it wouldn’t be a best of list without a The Walking Dead game. I was pleasantly surprised by The Walking Dead Season 3: A New Frontier. Getting to see Clementine grow into a hardened survivor was heartbreaking, but I was happy to see her again. This time around, the story focuses on a new group of survivors and introduces familiar comic book characters such as Paul Monroe a.k.a. Jesus. If you haven’t played this game and you’re a The Walking Dead fan, you won’t regret picking this up.

5. Pokemon GO

I was addicted to Pokemon Go this summer. I bought two portable battery packs so I never ran out of battery on my iPhone. By August, I’d caught 97 pokemon. Had I lived in the city, I probably wouldn’t have slept until I caught them all. Of course, Pokemon Go had its flaws. I wish Niantic had introduced a trading system and a PvP battle system when the game was released. It almost seemed like they rushed to release it since the warmer months are the ideal time to play Pokemon Go. It was fun while it lasted. Maybe I’ll pick it up again next Spring.

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