'For Honor' Cinematic Trailer Heralds The Game's Upcoming Closed Beta

For Honor - Charge
For Honor Photo: Ubisoft

A new For Honor cinematic trailer is out this week, along with details on the game’s upcoming closed beta, emphasizing the extremely violent nature of both the game and the fantastical story that brings Vikings, Samurais and Knights to war with one another in For Honor.

There isn’t any new gameplay footage in this week’s trailer -- not that there’s any shortage at this point -- which instead spends a few minutes dwelling on the body counts we’ll see when For Honor heads to PC and consoles early next month. The trailer includes some heavy narration about blood and fear and the usual stuff we hear about when developers want to add some emotional weight to their project. But all anyone is going to remember, if anything, will be the handful of Knights who drag themselves back to their feet for one final stand, or the Viking horde bearing down on them when the trailer comes to a close.

Thankfully, there’s a bit more to the new For Honor trailer. The new clip also reveals the game’s upcoming closed beta will begin on Jan. 26 and conclude on Jan. 29 . That’s bad news for anyone attending PAX South, especially if you’re traveling to the convention, but great news for those hoping to spend more time with For Honor before launch. Ubisoft also announced plans to distribute rewards to the For Honor community, throughout the closed beta, as part of an event called War of the Factions. Additional details, and a registration form for the closed beta, can be found on the For Honor website.

For another look at For Honor, along with a few details on the game’s upcoming closed beta, take a few minutes to check out the new ‘Thin Red Path’ trailer from Ubisoft. Then head down to the comments section and let us know if you’re hoping to take part in the For Honor closed beta when it begins later this month.

For Honor is in development for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game debuts Feb. 14, 2017.

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