Highlander Priest Hearthstone Guide: Managing Resources Like A Pro

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Don't fear the reaper... Blizzard

Druid has been keeping Priest from achieving metagame success in Hearthstone. Knights Of The Frozen Throne gave Anduin a collection of awesome cards, but Malfurion’s burly Jade Golems kept him from ever breaking through Tier 2. Now that the balance changes have gone into effect and Innervate is nothing more than a fancy Coin, Druid has lost most of its dominating power. Now is the time for Priest to shine, but you’re going to have to use a ton of dust to make it.

Highlander Priest uses Raza The Chained, who only works when there’s one copy of a card in your deck. There isn’t a Hearthstone Highlander card, it’s named after the “there can only be one” quote from the cult classic Sean Connery movie. Like Reno Jackson decks that were all the rage in the Year Of The Kraken, Anduin’s menagerie requires heavily on luck and player skill. Since you only have one of each card, wasting just one minion or spell could mean ultimate doom for your game. Wasting that Dragonfire Potion on small minions or letting your Lich King die before it gets its value are easily avoided mistakes.

Here are just some of the mistakes I’ve seen ruin games for Highlander Priests:

  • Playing Shadowreaper Anduin Too Early- This is the biggest and dumbest mistake I see on the ladder. When playing against Jade Druid, priest players tend to use their ultimate combo piece to kill a 5/5 or 6/6 Golem that didn’t need to die. After you play your Death Knight, the Druid player knows you have no other way to fight back against Aya Blackpaw and her onslaught of carnage. If you don’t have a Skulking Ghiest and you’ve already wasted your ultimate tool, it’s time to just press that Concede button.

  • Raza + Death Knight = Win Condition- Highlander Priest wins by acquiring massive amounts of value off their free hero power. You need to keep shooting bolts of two damage multiple times a turn, or else why even bother using this deck? I’ve seen new players play their Death Knight while low on health, meaning they have no way to heal. You can also struggle to draw Raza, making your bolts to costly to spam. You want the game to get as stretched out as possible, giving you enough time to draw your cards and win the game.

  • Keep Your Clear- Bloodmage Thalnos and Spirit Lash deal two damage to every minion, healing you for the damage dealt. Holy Nova and Dragonfire Potion can clear an enemy board when you’re heavily behind. Shadowreaper Anduin kills everything over five health. Once you use those cards, you’re out of clear and are a sitting duck to any Aggro deck. Keep control of your resources or you will surely lose.

Deck List:

Northshire Cleric × 1

Pint-Size Potion × 1

Potion of Madness × 1

Power Word: Shield × 1

Shadow Visions × 1

Shadow Word: Pain × 1

Spirit Lash × 1

Curious Glimmerroot × 1

Shadow Word: Death × 1

Eternal Servitude × 1

Greater Healing Potion × 1

Priest of the Feast × 1

Shadow Word: Horror × 1

Tortollan Shellraiser × 1

Holy Nova × 1

Raza the Chained × 1

Cabal Shadow Priest × 1

Dragonfire Potion × 1

Shadowreaper Anduin × 1

Obsidian Statue × 1

Bloodmage Thalnos × 1

Happy Ghoul × 1

Mind Control Tech × 1

Stonehill Defender × 1

Kazakus × 1

Elise the Trailblazer × 1

Cairne Bloodhoof × 1

Skulking Geist × 1

The Lich King × 1

N'Zoth, the Corruptor × 1


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