'Hearthstone: Journey To Un'Goro' Elementals Will Guide You To Victory

Elementals, not just a gimmick anymore Blizzard

Elementals, the worst cards in Hearthstone , are finally getting some love in the next expansion, Journey To Un’Goro. In a new Hearthside Chat blogpost, we get to see a few more of the rock, water, fire or wind monsters and the traits that tie them all together.

Some Elementals get a bonus effect if you played an Elemental the turn before.

Blizzard is trying a new mechanic that combines the Combos of Rogue with the slow, methodic playstyle of a control deck. Elementals want to be played on curve, each turn getting larger bonuses than the last. This forces you to think turns in advance, separating good HS players from the mediocre ones. Aggro decks, like Pirate Warrior, are simple to play since you almost never make it past six. An Elemental deck wants to curve out to the late game, summoning super powerful monsters that your enemies don’t have the tools to deal with.

In the blogpost, we got to see four new Elemental cards:

Stone Sentinel
Stone Sentinel Photo: Blizzard

Stone Sentinel- A 4/4 for seven mana is going to need an amazing effect in order to gain any popularity, but a 4/4 with two 2/3s with Taunt will be included in any deck that can meet the requirements. Shaman is already an incredibly strong archetype for Elementals, they have Al’akir The Windlord, Fire Elemental and Fireguard Destroyer, just to name a few. Playing one of these guys the turn before this beefcake shouldn’t be a problem.

Ozruk Photo: Blizzard

Ozruk- Doesn’t this guy remind you of Mukla, Tyrant Of The Vale ? If you can summon a Stone Sentinel before this mean guy, you’ll have a 5/20 with Taunt on the board. If you only summon one, it’s just a more expensive Ancient Of War. Not impressed, but I’ll have to see more Elementals to judge.

Fire Fly
Fire Fly Photo: Blizzard

Fire Fly- Not just cute, he’s also useful. Need Elementals to fill a summoning requirement? This guy costs one mana and gives you another Elemental to summon, that’s a 5/15 Ozruk right there.

Flame Geyser
Flame Geyser Photo: Blizzard

Flame Geyser- Mage loves Roaring Torch , so they should also love this spell. Elementals fit well into control decks and nobody dictates the pace of a Hearthstone match quite like Jaina. With Pyros in the early game, a Mage should have no problem building up some Elementals and getting some major value out of these spirits.

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