Hearthstone Frozen Recipe Tavern Brawl Guide: Which Class Sucks The Least?

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A Frozen Recipe
A Frozen Recipe called shaved ice. Blizzard

This week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is “A Frozen Recipe,” where players pick a class and hope for the best. This Brawl uses deck recipes inside the game, designed for players that don’t want to copy a deck they saw online, but don’t know how to build something that isn’t terrible. Unfortunately, since these decks “try” to utilize whatever gimmick Blizzard is pushing this expansion, they usually suck anyway. Freeze Shaman with very poor synergy, Warlock without the Death Knight and whatever weird monstrosity Priest is supposed to be are all pretty boring to play with and against.

Still, if you’re looking for that one win to get your free pack, Player.One has you covered. I’ve played games with every class and determined through alchemical reasoning which of the classes you’ll have the least trouble winning with.

Rogue- Out of all the decks I played, this one was the closest to be considered a “meta.” Valeera uses a ton of Deathrattle minions like Undercity Huckster, Loot Hoarder and Jade Swarmer to overwhelm your opponent. Useful Legendary minions Bloodmage Thalnos and Arfus accompany a huge line-up of powerful spells like Eviscerate and Backstab. With this many Deathrattles, Blizzard would be remiss if it didn’t include N’Zoth The Corrupter , the ultimate Old God who can bring back all your spooky ghosts back from the dead. In my first game, I managed to summon a 7/7 Jade Golem, which my opponent just couldn’t handle.  

You summon minions, clear problems away with Plague Scientist or Vilespine Slayer, and then push for game with your zombie hoard. It’s simple, but alarmingly good and should be your first choice if you don’t have a lot of time and need to win your game.

Deck List:

Backstab × 2  

Eviscerate × 2  

Jade Shuriken  × 2  

Jade Swarmer  × 2  

Roll the Bones  × 2  

Undercity Huckster  × 2  

Plague Scientist  × 2  

Shadowblade  × 2  

Bone Baron  × 2  

Vilespine Slayer  × 2  

Valeera the Hollow  × 1  

Mistress of Mixtures  × 2  

Bloodmage Thalnos × 1  

Loot Hoarder × 2  

Arfus  × 1  

Spiritsinger Umbra  × 1  

Aya Blackpaw  × 1  

N'Zoth, the Corruptor  × 1

Hunter- Similar to the Rogue deck, Rexxar uses Deathrattle minions to swarm your board and give your enemy zero chances to fight back. The deck centers around summoning Beasts and triggering their Deathrattle effects for some major shenanigans. Playing Devilsaur Egg in most decks is usually a terrible idea, but this Hunter recipe has a huge amount of triggers, like Play Dead, Terrorscale Hunter and Spiritsinger Umbra , which turn the egg into a 5/5 Devilsaur. I managed to summon three of these red bad boys before the game was over just by spamming these effects on my little baby egg.

The deck also runs Meat Wagon, which is also a terrible card that manages to find its groove in this Brawl. Devilsaur Egg and Validated Doomsayer are waiting in your deck to pop out and screw your opponent out of some easy value trades. Out of all the decks I’ve played, this is by far my favorite and the most powerful. I was a Hunter main back when Leper Gnome was still relevant and it feels good to be able to play Beasts again.

Deck List:

Play Dead  × 2  

Toxic Arrow  × 2  

Deadly Shot × 2  

Stitched Tracker  × 2  

Terrorscale Stalker  × 2  

Corpse Widow  × 2  

Deathstalker Rexxar  × 1  

Savannah Highmane × 2  

Abominable Bowman  × 2  

Mistress of Mixtures  × 2  

Devilsaur Egg  × 2  

Arfus  × 1  

Defender of Argus × 2  

Meat Wagon  × 2  

Spiritsinger Umbra  × 1  

Validated Doomsayer  × 2  

N'Zoth, the Corruptor  × 1

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