Facebook Messenger App Is Now Mandatory And The Internet Is Pissed About It; Why The Heck Is A Separate App Required Anyway?

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Why is Facebook Messenger app now required? The internet wants to know...

It's finally happened. Facebook is finally forcing everyone to download a separate Facebook Messenger app or forever hold you group conversations and dirty photo sharing elsewhere. And while the company has been threatening the change for the better part of a year, the switch came as quite a shock to many this week as users began to discover they were unable to read their Facebook messages without installing the separate messenger app. Of course, the flagship Facebook app will still alert you when you have unread messages, but in order to access them, you'll have to install the new app.

While integration with the official Facebook app is incredibly streamlined, still, it seems the Internet is jumping mad about the fact they are being forced into this second app download. While some have found themselves caught up in the privacy fear, uncertainty and doubt message the media has spread about the new app, the biggest pain in everyone's side seems to be the coercive nature of this new mandatory Facebook messenger app. Particularly for those running older devices with limited space for additional apps.

Why Facebook is requiring Messenger for chat

Facebook, however, continues to assert the second messenger app is a good thing, as it will bring users any number of new and updated features, making the messaging experience even more fulfilling.

According to the company, the antiquated software that handles messages in the main Facebook app needed to be revamped and with the new app, it can be more easily customized.

"We deliver the messages to you a lot more than quickly before. As your friends get on Messenger, they actually respond 20 percent faster than they did before," said Peter Martinazzi, the product manager for Facebook Messenger, in an interview last spring.

In addition, Facebook's Messenger also touts bringing numerous coveted features that have been a part of other popular messaging apps to include stickers, video and more. Users can also opt to give Facebook access to all of the numbers in your phone contact list, allowing the app to send messages to anyone on that list who has a Facebook account.

There are some incredibly useful features too like the ability to set up groups of contacts for a particular topic. But for some, these benefits don't seem to effectively outweigh the aggravation of being forced into installing the second app. Just check out some of the responses from twitter users who recently discovered the Facebook Messenger app is now mandatory.

Twitter reacts to mandatory Facebook Messenger App roll-out

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