Every Song In Insecure Season 2 Episode 6, ‘Hella Blows’

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Check out the Insecure Season 2 soundtrack playlist on Spotify. HBO

Insecure Season 2 episode 6, “Hella Blows,” ended with an unpleasant surprise, but hey, the music was still on point. The episode begins with “Tyrant” by Kali Uchis Feat. Jorja Smith as Issa drives her smashed car around. She finds out it’s going to cost $5,500 to fix. JID’s “Never” plays over the intro sequence.

Issa listens to “Sky Walker” by Miguel Feat. Travis Scott in her headphones on the bus. Molly meets up with Dro to watch the game at the bar, but it quickly moves back to a hotel room as Kap G’s hit, “Freakin ‘N’ Geekin” sets the mood.

Meanwhile, Issa attempts to booty call the older guy she went on a date with last week. But when she makes a move he stops her and goes, “Oh sweetie.” Syd and 6LACK’s “Over” narrates this embarrassing moment. The guy asks Issa if she still wants to go to dinner. She declines.

“Gucci Ice Cream” by Girls In The Yard plays as Molly, Kelli and Issa attend a ‘Sexplosion’ chat where they’re giving away free condoms. The song will be available to stream when the official Insecure Season 2 soundtrack arrives in a few weeks. Issa meets Daniel and he’s working on a song, “The Juice” by Hero.

Inspired by her girlfriends’ chat at the ‘Sexplosion’ event, Issa starts giving Daniel a blowjob to “Feels Like (Perfume)” by NAO. Let’s just say, the situation does not end well. Roman GianArthur’s “Real Love, No Shade” closes out the night as Issa gets into an uber pool.

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