‘EmojiFace’ App Turns Your Selfie Into Fun, Custom Emojis

'EmojiFace' app lets your turn your selfies into custom emojis. EmojiFace

Emoji lovers addicted to Bitmoji have a fun, new emoji to keep themselves distracted with: EmojiFace. The free app will let you turn your selfie into a customized emoji. The free app, which was created by Daniel McLean, app is only available for iOS users but an Android version will be launched soon.

“A good friend of mine came up with the idea of taking a photo of yourself and turning it into an emoji,” said McLean to StyleCaster. “I loved the idea, and also wanted to add more emojis to the standard set. You constantly hear complaints about missing emojis, so I decided to pay close attention on Twitter and Facebook and create the emojis people actually wanted to use. For example, as a fan of Mexican food, I wanted to make sure there was a taco emoji. So I developed the app myself, including the programming, design, and everything else.”

Using the app is simple: take a picture of your face, use one of the hundreds of templates to ‘emojify’ your face, and use the keyboard in your smartphone to include the images as you would ordinarily use an emoji. It’s easy to draw comparisons to the Bitmoji app, but McLean says there are differences.

“Bitmoji offers you “cartoon avatars” that somewhat resemble you, but it always bothered me that there could be a hundred, or even a thousand, other people out there using the identical bitmoji,” said McLean. “Apps like iMoji “make a personal emoji” with your picture, but that’s not really an emoji, it’s just a picture of your face with a border around it. Emojiface actually is you, emojified into the classic, cartoon emoji. Also, unlike apps like Bitmoji, no email or information is necessary to enjoy the app. Emojiface doesn’t link to your Facebook or any other social media account.”

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