'Dragon Quest Heroes 2' New Characters: Warriors Desdemona And Cesar Are More Deadly Than Their Predecessors

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 - Cesar
Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Photo: Square Enix

The Dragon Quest Heroes 2 character introductions continued over the weekend, the latest in a series that began earlier this month, and it turns out there may be more new characters joining the Dragon Quest franchise than we expected. And the next pair of warriors joining the Dragon Quest Heroes 2 party seem even more deadly than their predecessors.

10 days ago, players met the first three members of the DQH2 roster. Teresa and Lazarel are cousins and the main characters in Dragon Quest Heroes 2. Both are franchise newcomers and players will choose one to control throughout the story. The duo are accompanied by Healix, a floating slime who supports the party with healing spells. They’ll also be joined by a plethora of characters from across the Dragon Quest timeline, including the latest pair of fighters to be featured in a Dragon Quest Heroes 2 trailer.

A new DQH2 trailer puts Cesar and Desdemona, another pair of franchise newcomers, in the spotlight. The latter is an axe-wielding warrior whose weapon of choice is about the same size as the average party member. Many of Desdemona’s skills are capable of striking more than one enemy and her ultimate ability also makes an appearance in the latest trailer. Desdemona is joined by Cesar, described in the trailer as “Princely Powerhouse,” a greatsword-wielding warrior who successfully turns into a Super Saiyan near the end of the video.

For an early look at Cesar and Desdemona, take a few minutes to watch the latest Dragon Quest Heroes 2 trailer from Square Enix. Then head down to the comments section and let us know what other characters you’d like to see in the Dragon Quest Heroes series.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is in development for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game debuts April 25.

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