'Don't Starve Together': We Wanted To Explore The 'New Reign' Update. But Things Went Poorly.

iDigi Plays - Don't Starve Together
iDigi Plays - Don't Starve Together Photo: iDigitalTimes

Earlier this month, Klei Entertainment released the New Reign update for Don’t Starve Together , the multiplayer add-on for the studio’s popular sandbox survival game, Don’t Starve. We were shocked to learn the studio is still providing significant support for the game, four years after launch, so iDigitalTimes editor Mo Mozuch and I decided to start a new Don’t Starve Together save to see what’s changed since we last played.

Hilariously enough, neither of us opted to play as Wilson the Scientist; the protagonist from Don’t Starve and the character that probably would’ve made most sense for one (or both) of us to play since we’d been away so long. Instead, we began our adventure with Mo opting to play as Woodie, a lumberjack who transforms into a Were-beaver after chopping down too many trees, while I chose Wigfrid, a Viking warrior who’s health and sanity meters increase every time she kills an enemy. And with that we were off.

I’d be lying if I said our first foray into Don’t Starve Together went as smoothly as we’d hoped. Then again, it probably wouldn’t be much fun to watch if we’d just popped in and accomplished one task after another without issue. We managed to overcome a few obstacles and build a basic camp site. But it didn’t take long for us to realize we’re in WAY over our heads. You’ll have to click play to see how everything turns out.

To see the first episode of our new adventure, click play on the video embedded below. The next two episodes can be found on iDigitalTimes’ YouTube channel (don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there!) and we’ll be recording more episodes in the near future if there’s a demand for it.

Don’t Starve Together is currently available on PC and PlayStation 4. Don’t Starve ’s multiplayer expansion is also expected to hit Xbox One in Spring 2017.

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