'The Division' Solo Walkthrough: Guides And Tips For Battling Manhattan By Yourself

Playing The Division by yourself? Use these helpful tips and hints from our Solo Walkthrough Ubisoft

The Division is definitely designed to be a co-op game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to play by yourself. Picking the right skills, weapons and more can have a huge impact on your survival. Use these tips to ensure you (and only you) have an easier time blasting away rogue New Yorkers.


Having the right skills is possibly the most important way to keep yourself alive. There are many skills out there that deal with helping a group, so let’s ignore those. Of course, it also helps getting to Level 5, so you have access to two skills instead of just one.

To start, I recommend getting either the Pulse or Sticky Bomb skill. If you like using a pistol, the Ballistic Shield is alright, but I find it a bit unwieldy. After completing the Brooklyn tutorial, you’ll go to Manhattan and be tasked with rescuing a doctor from Madison Square Garden.

Completing this mission will open up the second skill slot, as well as give you the opportunity to upgrade your medical station. This is important. You’ll be forced to get the Clinic upgrade, but also pick up the Pediatric Care upgrade.

You now have access to the First Aid skill and can carry more MedKits. The First Aid skill lets you heal yourself in combat without using up a MedKit. When playing by yourself, it’s crucial you can heal yourself since you have nobody who can revive you if you fall.

As for the second skill, that’s more personal preference. I like having the Sticky Bomb, because it allows me to usually sneak in a shot on unsuspecting enemies and start encounters with a literal bang. Pulse can also also be helpful for those cautious players who want to know where everyone is before starting an attack.


Your weapon loadout is probably the second-most important thing to pay attention to as a solo The Division player. You’re going to want a well-rounded arsenal, but also something that can save you if you get overwhelmed.

It’s always a good idea to keep a good shotgun on your character. This allows you to be able to take care of enemies that rush your location with ease. Trust me, those guys with the shield and axe can sneak up on you quickly, so having a way to mow them down fast is very helpful.

As for a second weapon, having a gun with a good range is helpful for picking off far-away enemies. I like to use an assault rifle or similar in busy gunfights, because the DPS for those is usually higher than other weapons.

When out exploring and scouting, a marksman’s rifle is your best friend. Don’t let the DPS rank fool you. It may be lower than an assault rifle, but having all that power condensed to one shot leads to a lot more one-or-two shot kills, and very effective headshots. And given how many enemies in The Division have a limited range (especially flamethrowers) distance is your best co-op partner when playing solo.

Playing The Division by yourself? Use these helpful tips and hints from our Solo Walkthrough Photo: Ubisoft

Doing Missions

Mission selection will also help you out a ton when playing by yourself. Those recommended minimum levels for missions? Pay attention to them. Trying something even one level higher than you are is asking for a big challenge.

So what do you do then? Stick to the areas within your level, or even those that are below your level. Chelsea and Pennsylvania Plaza are great for lower level players, while Hudson Yards and Garment District do a nice job of ramping up the difficulty. Do all of the side quests and other events you can find in those areas to level up.

Because The Division is more of an RPG than a shooter, you’ll have to grind out some levels. This is especially true for solo players. It also means you can find yourself in areas above your skill level. Avoid these to not get blown to bits by random encounters or missions.

And as for basic gameplay advice, keep moving. Enemies in The Division are smart and will flank you given the opportunity. Stay on your toes and keep your head on a swivel to ensure you don’t let enemies get the upper hand in combat. It’s called a cover shooter for a reason. Use it.


Gear is probably the least valuable aspect you can control for solo playing. Like playing in a group, equipping the best gear will provide the most safety.

There is, however, a gear set called Path of the Nomad. This set will provide a bonus for solo players. It’s unclear as of right now how you unlock gear sets, but we will be sure to update this guide when we find out more information.

So what do you think? Have you been playing The Division by yourself or with a group? What other tips and tricks have you uncovered while playing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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